Possible salt buildup from hard water? 1/3 leaves gone in veg...

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  1. So first time grower here, and im growing so I can try to do something for my grandmother and her copd (also just got news 12 days ago of breast cancer :( ) At any rate I mixed up my soil have been using compost tea and sst (sometimes prebrewing a kelp/alfalfa tea to brew the compost tea in as well) top dressing with castings/compost, just recently added silica and aloe to my foliars with bronner's peppermint and fulpower with a once weekly neem oil addition.

    15011215476111616887231.jpg I had been using city water left in jugs in the sun for days to water until I could no longer keep up with the endless 100 degree days and the whipping winds of the columbia gorge. Since we have a well I began using it for most of my water needs. Well I have what appears to be nutrient burn or ph problems despite my ph being 7 across the board. Im curious if maybe the salts have started to build up from the hard water and was curious if there is a root cleansing agent that is all natural and organic being as that its medicine and all.

    Thanks guys, first time poster long time reader of the forum that taught me how to use what I didnt want in my edibles to make hash oil with instead lol
  2. What I'm seeing is a plant that is somewhat pale green and losing older yellow leaves.

    I would certainly topdress. I would also start hitting them with neem/kelp or alfalfa/kelp teas often...maybe every watering till they green up.

    Basically, I think they are just hungry.

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    Thanks for the response, I considered that but I give them lots of tea already, and it is also on my younger plants that are in the soil fresh from the bin still fully loaded. I top dress every other week with compost or castings. They get kelp and alfalfa upwards of twice a week.
  4. Perhaps some better pics would help. Topdressing with compost is nice, but won't carry a plant that big till the end. Same can be said for compost teas.
    Are you using 2tbs alfalfa/1tbs kelp per gallon of water?
    In regards to your concerns over pH and "salt" buildup. My water is 7.8 and is chock full of calcium and magnesium carbonate. My oldest no till bed is pushing four years old and is not suffering a bit.
    Why don't you tell us what your soil mix is? Let's see a pic or two of of these smaller plants too.
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    so keep in mind I removed any badly damaged leaves yesterday and this morning. My soil was:
    2 bags ffof
    2 bags happy frog
    2 bags of oregons only nectar of the gods #4
    1 bag ancient forest humus
    2 cuft worm castings
    2lbs blood meal
    2 pounds bone meal
    3 pounds alfalfa meal
    3 pounds kelp meal
    1 pound azomite
    1 pound soft rock phosphate
    6 cups dolamite lime
    3 pounds neem meal
    2 pounds oyster shell flower
    4 cuft perlite
    1 cuft scoria
    1/2 pound granular humic acid
    3 cuft compost
    3 pounds 0-11-0 seabird guano
    1/2 pound nitro bat guano
    1 cup epsom salts

    On top of the castings and compost top dress I also have top dressed with a guano/kelp/neem mix twice.

    Between 530am when I cleaned them up this morning and 1030 am when I came home at lunch I lost 15 leaves off the 3 big ones.

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  6. Kinda sounds like Subcool's super soil mix. It's probably been a decade since I used that mix.
    The first thing that jumped out at me was your use of fulpower and azomite in conjunction with each other. This is a no-no. It can cause dangerous levels of Aluminum to be available. I'm not saying this is your issue. But this practice should be avoided. IMO, fulpower should only be used by experienced gardeners. That said, I have almost a gallon still from 5 or 6 years ago.
    Your plants do appear to be a darker green than I thought. I don't see burnt tips, so alfalfa and neem tea/topdress are still options.
    Any chance you can put them in more soil? It's far easier than chasing deficiencies. Keep in mind we can give you a soil mix or two that will cost less than half of what you paid for your current mix.

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  7. Thanks for the help man. I wasnt planning on growing until next year, but gramma needed me to do it this year, something in me told me that. After looking for a place to grow for a while she suggested the backyard since its legal now. She wont get her card for fear of the doctors ceasing to give her "treatment", despite the fact its killing her. So I am limited to 4 plants, and limited to whatever I can get on wheels that roll around the grass.

    If I could find 2 carts of some sort that fit the bill for 120 then I would have a cart for each plant and could maybe turn them into rolling raised beds, or get square 20 gallon fabric pots (if those even exist I have no idea).

    Also I had limited time to learn how to grow, I read probably 6-7 hours a day for the month leading up to my deciding I wanted to do a living soil mix. I read the rev's tlo book after reading soma's book, so I took a list of things from his suggested items with me to the hydro store an hour away with a ride from a friend with a truck. At this point my understanding had been that I needed to get my soil cooking asap due to the timing of needing to transplant them and this is basically what they had for organic nutes...after the first two went in to the 15 gallon pots, I had come across teaming with microbes (still haven't finished it yet) and then coot. Funny enough when I graduated high school in milwaukie 15 years ago...I had a clackamas address. My brother still lives less than 2 miles from concentrates.

    So long story short I did what I could to more appropriately balance the mix, which is when I added more compost, more castings, and the neem meal because I hadnt had it originally. I topdressed with neem on the two already in the bigger pots. I forgot that I have also topdressed them twice with the newer soil mix in place of compost. I also am using everything to help my grandpas tomatoes cuz they are in raised beds that he doesnt understand how to grow in so this is the 4th year and his soil is devoid of nutrients and probably had little life in it but now they are huge...

    So I read all I could about compost tea, and seed sprout tea, and need to finish teaming with microbes mow
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  8. Fresh photos, also wanted to add its been basically 95 or above with no clouds for 6 weeks, they get 13 hours or so of direct sun a day now down from 15 a few weeks ago.

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  9. Brewed up an aerated kelp/alfalfa/neem guano tea gave them each a pint or so with their afternoon wet down to keep cool (the outside of the fabric pots I occasionally wet them down to cool the soil a little)
  10. A mulch layer will do wonders for your soil temp issue. A layer of something light coloured like rice hulls,perlite, etc would be idea I think.
  11. I was tying to use a living mulch but they dont last long after a topdress
  12. Just use decomposing organic matter for a thick mulch - leaf mold, chopped hay/straw etc.

    Every picture you've showed has been a couple yellowing leaves at the very bottom of your plants. This happens as a matter of course with large cannabis plants and I wouldn't even think twice about it.

    It's already August, these are annual plants and leaves yellow and die. Let them ride and just keep them moist with tap water. Moist - not constantly soaking wet. The mulch will help significantly. Don't keep adding more and more amendments.

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  13. K, will do, not sure why the little ones have it happening though.
  14. Just because it IS.

    Show me any outdoor plants that don't lose leaves on the bottoms of the plants - and if you CAN find any it's only because they've been pumped hard full of chemical fertilizers/nutrients.

    IMO it's natural and not a big deal. Keep an eye on it but your plants look just fine.


  15. K so I cleaned up all the dead and mostly dead leaves this morning, and I have tons more this afternoon that are way yellow and dying.

    Could it be a potassium deficiency?
    What if there was possibly dry spots in the container?

    I understand they are supposed to lose some but I have lost literally over a 1/3 of the leaves on them it just seems very rapidly like im losing my plants.
  16. When I asked if you could put them in the ground or in more soil you told me you couldn't because you needed to put them in the cart.

    Is this because you are wheeling them around into full sun all day?

    It's been hotter than hell here in MT. I think you're plants are showing minor heat stress issues. Particularly, the root system. The cart they live on allows heat on all sides. As opposed to it sitting on the ground where it would be much cooler. If the root system is stressed it may be difficult for the plant to uptake nutrients via the root system. So nutrients begin to translocate from the lower to upper leaves.


    Plant each of them into a yard of soil, setup a drip system and relax till October.
    Line the carts w burlap and fill em with soil. Or stuff the carts w straw (insulation) to protect them from the heat and your exposed container. Maybe even put some foam insulation under the pots.

    I would get them in the shade for part of the day preferably evening time. They don't need 16hrs of direct sunlight when it's 100F. 8hrs of direct is plenty, even if it were 70f all summer.

    Good luck.
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  17. They are in the carts cuz to legally grow they cant be in public view, well that means its confined to the back corner of the yard which is all grass. Cant put them on the grass because it will die underneath the containers. Also able to move them to water the lawn without the sprinklers beating on the plants.
  18. Dry spots could be a definite possibility - can you soak the hell out of them to rule this out?

    @ElRanchoDeluxe made excellent points

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  19. Thats what I did last night, I soaked the hell out of each of the big ones 3 times uniform soak through. Transplanted one of the smaller ones that was getting root bound I thought. Wasnt really bad, dont think it was bound other than by the lava rock at the bottom of the container, but I was having to water twice a day at least so I figured it was bound. So ill check them out when I get home after work, just pulled them out of their dark corner at night ill be home at 2:45 or so and pull them to the shade, maybe it will help thanks guys.

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