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  1. A friend is offering me his old green label beaker bottom RooR for $125. Says it retails around $300-350 which I checked out on EDIT and it seems accurate. Only somewhat of an issue is that it's undiffused. Should I snag this?
  2. you need to find out if its a lime green 7.0mm thick german, or a 3.2mmthick forest green american.

    If its a lime green id say pick it up, but ill be willing to bet its an american for that price.--which isnt a bad deal but nothing to jump up and down about.
  3. damm people just can't make up their mind for themselves anymore... how sad :(

    Well considering the fact that bong is worth $350 and he is offering you half, what do you think my response is? Bongs do not get old and shitty after time. Just clean the damn thing and it will be like getting 50% off a brand new bong. So considering you need a new bong then get the RooR

    haha somebody is too baked!! :smoking:
  4. Yea I'd be willing to bet that it's 3.2mm thick forest green american, dang :p.
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    hes asking because he wants to make an informed decision. Read my above post, just because its "green" doesnt mean it retails 350$ new.

    you know there are two Green ROOR labels right man?? CMon dude. One costs double what the other one does.

    this woudlnt be the first time ive read about someone trying to pass a forest label off as a lime green german.

    youd be able to get a forest green 18" beaker bottom for like 180-200$ new. so 125 isnt horrible, but its not (i dunno it could be i havnt seen said label)the deal it was orginally made out to be.
  6. Also it's 45cm tall, didn't realize I forgot to say that
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  8. I'm goin over to his house to check it out in like half an hour so I'll know then. Thanks for all the help :).
  9. Well it's a 3.2mm forest green label beaker bottom. I'll possibly get some milk up soon, along with some shots of it :).
  10. did you buy it??

    I personally would have as well....
  11. Snag it up dude, cant you just but a new downstem and make it diffused?
  12. Oh yes, I purchased it

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