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    I'm wondering what might cause problems like these to happen.
    (Yellow and droopy)
    I haven't used nutes and I'm using organic soil.
    Under cfls about 3 inches away.
    Temp reads 78-85 at the base.

    Update: The yellow leaves seem dryer today, I transplanted two days ago (the day before the pic) so I'm questioning the soil. I also don't have a pH meter.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Pic doesn't seem to work.
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    Hey thanks for letting me know, I'll upload it rather than linking to it.

    I'm going to upload a new pic in a few. The above pic is 2 days ago. My soil said feeds for 6 months, is that the problem? The NPK of the soil were all below 1% I believe though (and it does say organic). I have another option for soil that doesn't feed I can pick up tonight.

    The problem has worsened since transplant and I just recently transplanted another droopy baby into the same mix. I'll also post a picture of that one in a few mins.
  4. First pic is the same 13 day old Moby Dick, second pic is an 11 day old bagseed and the final pic is the potting soil that I now realize doesn't say organic (other than in small print on the back).

    photo (2).JPG

    Edit: Sorry I'll know to rotate these next time.

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    Judging from the progression of the two pics showing the original plant, it looks like it's not getting enough food. The taco'd leaves of the second plant are usually caused by heat stress but since the newer growth doesn't look bad, it may be from a problem that's no longer present.

    You should test the pH of the soil before doing anything else, assuming you haven't already. The yellowing of the new growth in the 1st pic of post #4 that isn't in the 1st post's pic looks like low pH. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that it wasn't getting enough food at first and then encountered problems with acidity after being transplanted, aggravating the food issues.
  6. Thanks a lot for the reply! I'm going to pick up a soil tester today and I'll keep you up to date on my results.
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    Here is an updated pic from today and the plant is continuing to die, I tested pH and it's about 6.5. Now I'm really confused.

    photo (4).JPG

    Judging by the loss of colour, would the next step be adding a small concentration of nutrients to either save it or kill it? I have a younger one about 10 days younger and I want to know what to do for that one if I fail with this one. Or could it be that it's being burnt by the soil? What's confusing is both plants in the above pictures are under the same conditions, and pH isn't an issue.
  8. i don't think it's dying. leaves turn yellow and die off all the time. maybe there is a heat issue, food problem, or probably not! just don't stress too much about it!!

    happy growing! :smoke:
  9. HappyGrowing, first of all, the best advice I could give is "buy a soil and digital ph meter", you will remember this post if you move to flowering without meters n testers, hope it helps

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