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  1. Greetings Everyone! I am currently working on an indoor autoflower afghan plant. I am a newbie grower and this is my first attempt. I have 6, 42w going on it on a 20/4 cycle and they are around an inch and a half away. I have been using nutes on this every 3rd watering. I water every 3 days. I have also been spraying the leaves with neem oil but started to just spray the soil after I seen that some of the leaves developed these problem spots. If you have any idea on what this could be, I would appreciate the help!
    IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0911-1.JPG IMG_0910-1.JPG

  2. Looks like the neem oil is your culprit. Are you making sure to spray at the beginning of the dark cycle?
    With neem less is more. It's systemic, and it doesn't take much to get the job done.
    No. I am spraying around every 3 days randomly. So if I choose to spray it should be when the lights are off?
    Thanks for the info.
    Yes, most def. Neem oil can burn the shit out of your plants if you aren't careful. I would suggest diluting it even more than what the bottle says. Like I said, it's systemic, so over time it's going to build up in the plant tissue. Less is more.
  5. This goes for the frequency of your sprayings as well. Every 3 days is wayyyyy too much. Once a week at the most. I space mine out about every 2 weeks up until trichome production begins.

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