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  1. Hey, Plan on maybe doin a perpetual grow like this. I wont have the mother plants untill the 2nd harvest. 1st time around im groing from seeds, then cloning whichever female looks the best and keepin her short and bushy. My only real concern is:

    1)Is the 465 cfm enough? Ill probably add random fans into the walls to keep the temp down, the pic just shows kind of the overall idea.

    2)The way i have my grow timed out, i wont be needing the veg room the entire time, what type of lighting do you think would be enough to keep 2 females in veg mode? I just dont want to use 400w when i dont have to. Ill try to keep the moms as small as possible, and because i wont be needing clones every week, i think i can afford to keep pruning all the time.


    Any comments/suggestions that might help would be cool, this will be my fisrt grow so im still not 100% sure on everything.
  2. Hey man.
    Nice diagram and good ideas. I think your 465 cfm fan will be enough because your room is a good size but, one more definitely won't hurt. Also, to keep 2 females in veg and not really growing too much, you can probably get away with a 125 watt MH.

  3. Thanks, and i guess ill just try the 465 and see how that works, if its too hot still ill look into more. And instead of going out to buy another MH, could i just use CFL's? And do you know what type of wattage ide need, 125ish too?
  4. Looks pretty good. I would move the fan to where it sucks the air instead of trying to push it.

  5. I think because its going through the scrubber, ide want a slower velocity exiting to have a better chance to clean up the smell.
  6. central fla....???? pm me im around there also
  7. yeah, but a decent scrubber won't have a problem. I'd be more worried about not getting sufficient exhausting and experiencing unnecessary heat buildup.

  8. I would of thought so, but im makin one:eek: I see what you mean though, ill check into that when everythings set up.
  9. hmm thats sorta a lot of light in the hps part... a lot of heat for a 3x4 area... i would save some money and cut down on the heat and put a 400w hps in there.. and yea i would have a fan suckin the air out not pushin it out.. but other then that great idea man :) let us know how it goes. +rep

  10. Do you think making it bigger would be better? Ive seen some grows where having more alot of light available really helps yields, so i figure i make the best out of the few plants. And sounds like ill be putting the fan outside. Thanks
  11. Are you flowing the heated air off of your HPS and onto your MH? I would recommend separate vents for each light that merge downstream to feed into the scrubber.

  12. Yea, and if i have the fan on the outside it shouldnt be that much extra work, ill look into that.
  13. Well it depends on where you are growing... if you have the room.. YES make it bigger :) and yea i agree make two vents one commin off each light... basically so u can regulate heat and humidity in each room :p

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