Possible over watering ? Or under new to this strain

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by JJkingkush, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hi there I am growing a exudes blue cheese it's about 8 1/2 weeks in veg
    It is two plants in the one pot I got the seeds from a baggy of weed planted them thinking some could be male and get chopped but the two in the one pot are both female the pot is around 6 gal or 7 growing in a perilite and verm mix about 70%per 30% verm

    It was under a Mars hydro 300w I have just changed it to the Mars hydro 1200w since I am growing some auto flowers in there now and flipping two 12/12 in a week or so

    I am using jungle juice 3 part by AN

    My temps are around 22c - 27c

    Average day temp 25.5

    They just started to drop a little before the feed them once they were feed it droop that was a few day ago and have since then waited till the plant had dried out then and feed again but still no change

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  2. I don't know ugh about growing in straight perlite and ver. Are they getting enough water? Looks like over or under watering. How often do you water?

  3. Just when it gets dry I have probably only had to water about 10 times throught 8 Weeks I was giving it little waters ever few days but only really watered it when the pot got light but this has only happens in the last week also the same week aye finally found out the sex of the two of them it's might add the fact that two of them are in this one pot
  4. Yes of course. They r eating and drinking for 2. Lol I would try watering plain ph'd water more frequently in between feeding them

  5. Your plant is either getting rootbound but I dont think so or its not getting enough or too much water. Both give same type symptoms so it's kinda upto the gardener to know if they r watering too much or not enough. Once every 8 days sounds crazy long to go. Just sayin

  6. Yea but for the first 6 / 7 of veg the humidity was around 70 to 80 % with a 300w Mars led so the water the plant lost wast light and plant was growing well like that so just feed as it needed never had any problems with them till I switched to the 1200w Mars hydro led and gave them there last feed they maybe we're under fed/watered due to heat change and light change I watered after I switched the light

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  7. Yes definitely more light equals more water and nutrients being needed and used by the plants. I'd say that should fix u up!!

  8. Step up the nutrition rates you think still have a feeling it's over watering to tho the fact that the left steams stand pretty strait but the leaf it's self twist and droops but think what your saying seems what it could be too

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  9. Perlite and vermiculite are mainly used for areation. Feeding 10x in 8wks seems light to me. Over and under watering looks about the same but I'm going with under watered. That, and most likely beginning if not already root bound due to having 2 in one bucket. Separating them would cause more damage than good so upgrade the the pot size and let em ride. Being in a 7gal. I'd shoot up to at least 20gal

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  10. Yea it's 10 maybe 12 times lost count I do also have some little 1l bottles of water and a very light mix of nut I was pour over them through the day 1l would be added over two days hence why the time was spaced out for big Feds

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