possible outdoor grow in the summer

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this post.
    Well, I've realized that i blow too much money on weed so i've decided this summer off i may trying growing just a single plant outdoors

    so, I have some, actually many questions I hope you all can help me out with
    when u answer can u please answer the question directly, ex. please say #5- plants need light......thanks

    1.) how long does it take for a plant to sprout and fully germinate for harvesting?
    2.) how bad wiill it smell, im planning to do this outdoors in the woods, so it'll prob be beasters or hopefully heads, what is the radius u have to be within a plant to smell it?
    3.) what will i need for an outdoor grow? please tell me everything, dont even leave out "water" or "seeds"
    4.) do i just pick off the male buds and leave the females to grow?
    5.) will a helicopter be able to see it from up above if its hidden in the woods?
    6.) watering, how much a day, should i put nutrients in the soil like nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium? or is that just for indoor growers?

    I probably have alot more questions, but this is just a gist to see whether or not it'd be a good idea to do this.

    thanks blades.
  2. 1. with an outdoor grow, it takes all summer to grow and then starts flowering in the fall, then you get to harvest
    2. shouldn't smell too bad outside, i dont know the exact radius but if its in sight, it'll prob be within smell range
    3. you essentially dont need anything for an outdoor grow, marijuana is a weed and it will grow outside if you don't do anything to it. but you can make things better by adding nutrients when you water and you may want to put it in a pot but you could plant it in the ground too, depends on what you want to do.
    4. with weed, there are male and female plants, not buds, and you will want to kill ALL male plants when you can tell sex, otherwise your weed will be seedy
    5. a heli may be able to see it from the air even if its in the woods, just depends on how thick the woods are right there (can you see the helicopter if it flies over?)
    6. nutrients are not just for indoor grows but if yu plant directly in the ground its hard to tell which nutes to add cause you dont know whats in the ground already but theyre highly reccomended if youre planting in large pots and you'll want to water just when the soil is dry

    im sure theres things i missed, this was a long post, but i think i covered most of it, hope that helps you decide
  3. thanks PM, that helped alot, im definately gonna research this more

    although, im kinda bummed to hear it will take all summer and into the fall to harvest :/
    i was hopin to have some free weed for most of the end of summer since thats my time off, oh well, ill still prob do it, i just need to find a good spot

    - should i start growing in a cup or small container and then plant it outside after it starts to sprout?
  4. also im just doing it outside cuz i dont want it inside my parents house when im home for the summer from college, can i just dig a hole and sticck a big pot with good soilin the ground and then like ccover it up on the sides?
  5. There is an entire Outdoor growing forum here on GC, check that out, lots of good info already discussed and posted there...

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