Possible nutrient/heat problem??

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  1. Hi I have a seedling that is just over a week old and it is showing some tiny brown spots and I am wondering if this is my doing or if the room may be too warm. I've given it a VERY light feeding of bat guano high in nitrogen I sprinkled a little earth worm castings on the top of my roots organic soil and also gave just a tiny bit of cal mag to promote nutrient uptake I'm hoping I am doing this correct I do not want to hurt my plant so young. I will provide pictures. Thank you.

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  2. i dont think you should be feeding it so early on.
  3. Do you think that may have caused those burns it was a super light feeding of all organic fert
  4. The temp is 80-85 in my room and humidity is 35-45%
  5. i dont know but it doesnt look that serious to me, i personally would just wait it out or do a flushing through it to remove any possible excess, usually nutrient burn causes at the start, yellowing of the tips of the leaves. im a new grower and would definitely take others advice over mine, you can always flush it, that definitely wont be harmful
  6. Alright man thanks for the suggestion and the fast response I'll prolly wait a day or two and if it's still spotty ill flush it out
  7. no problem ive had way more problems than that, i seriously nutrient burned my current flowering grow when it was small and it came back no problem. nothing to worry about :)
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  9. wouldnt want to go as high as 85f , 73-82 max if possible or you may start to stunt growth
    if you can raise your humidity though, to around 60
  10. Looks fine dude, could be a natural blemish, could of spilt a few droplets of the water when you added the cal mag. See how it goes. Whats your setup soil, lights etc. Also is that a transparent pot? If so you'll want to cover up the sides.
  11. Yes it is transparent the I will cover it right now that's nice to know haha. I've got a nice medium roots organic soil, I've got a 300w led once the plant get bigger I will feed it seaweed extract bat guano and earthworm castings I'm trying to keep the grow completely organic. The cal mag is the only non organic supplement I have and it's not really potent stuff. Thanks for the reply!

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