possible nute burn?

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  1. This plant is in week 5 and has been showing signs of nute burn or possible cal def. when it first showed up it was for sure cal def but now it looks like nute burn on some of the new growth. I'm running a 600 watt mh with a cool tube, and I'm using all fox farm nutes w/ cal mag. the ph is steady at 5.8 and the ppms were between 1500-1600 and since flush they are down to 1100-1200 and steady there. these picks are from an hour before the partial flush.

    First pic is an overhead of the plat before the flush the leaf shots are the damaged part i was concerned about.

    Ive learned a lot from this community and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    I will post pics tomorrow afternoon to update on the problem but i really need some help because i do not want to see her have problems like this because I'm probably going to flower soon due to my current situation.

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  2. Definitely a calcium deficiency. If you dosed her on the Cal-Mag (which has 2-0-0) that could cause the burn you're seeing.

    Those brown spots don't go away, so you might have resolved one problem by overdosing, but caused another. I do this shit all the time...

    Flushing was the right thing to do. It was probably a pH thing. Just stick it out, keep your pH in line, and stay on track. If the new growth post flush looks wrong then you still have a problem. You'll need to flush again, get your pH meter calibrated, and maybe adjust your nutrients at that point.

    You'll want to add in a little extra veg time, learn what's going on here, and make sure you get it repaired before switching to flowering and finding yourself 2 weeks behind.

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