Possible Nute Burn?

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  1. Hey GC,

    I am experiencing yellowing/curling at the tips of my plant's first true leaves. I believe its nutrient burn, but I'm not positive. She's under a 450w LED, and it sits about 8inches from her. Steady 78 F and 60% Rh. She's growing in Roots Organic soil and is 13 days old. I am not using any liquid nutes at this point. Absolutely zero. It's puzzling that she could just now be experiencing burn from the soil since it's been in the same medium since germ. If it is nute burn what should I do?? I may just let her grow out of it and hope it goes away. I have two other sproutlings and do not want to experience the same thing.
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    All advice is appreciated, thanks!


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  2. I believe if their growth is being stunted it is nute burn and yellowing of leaves can mean a number of things from disease to malnutrition to some other stuff..
    do you happen to know by the way if I plant brand new seedlings from germination can I put them in brand new soil and flush the soil with the seeds still inside it?
  3. Could always flush then repot with new soil.

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  4. Yes above poster is right
    However since the top leaves are fine I wouldn't worry too much ( as long as your new leaves in the top middle aren't yellowing you'll be fine ) and 450W might be too close at 8 inches for that baby plant.
  5. Why would you want to flush?
    If I were you I would germinate the seeds in "Rapid Rooters" they're pellets that have perfect
    water to air ratio and encourage healthy root growth. You can then just plant the pellet with the sproutling
    into your final grow pot. I didn't do this I planted mine directly in the grow medium, but I should have
    Yup I figured as much and replanted without the flush in aerated soil and watered very tiny amount but ill write down rapid rooters for the future.
    appreciate it
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    The yellowing has spread slightly to a leaf above it (2nd set of true leaves)
    I have narrowed it down to too much Nitrogen or the soil I planted in (Roots Organic) was too hot,
    may of required being cut to a 3:1 ratio. If indeed it is too hot, should I flush this plant?
    Also I experienced high temps today, somewhere in the 90s at one point. So could it be heat stress?
    Right now I've stabilized it to about 78 F with humidity in the low 50s.
    My plants are about 8 inches from the 450w LED. I've been trying to keep it as close as possible.
    (if you have used LEDs you know they don't produce much heat at all)
    Right now I have the light on 24/7. Should I introduce an 18/6 light schedule?

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