Possible nitrogen toxicity?

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  1. I have to plants one medical marijuana sour diesel and one peyote critical from barney's farm cuple days ago my critical I seen had some slightly curdled tips and on the sour d had slightly burned / tissue damage on top leaves..they curdled up a bit some leaves do seem to be a bit darker green but not like I have seen before where they were super dark green if this is nitrogen toxicity should I flush what's ppls opinions on it and how do yous transition back to nutes again..

    Soil- fox farm ocean soil
    Nutes-fox grow big and big bloom..only actually use then 2 different times one time about 3 weeks ago. Once on the second to last watering..And only used 1 /4 recommend dose of grow big and half dose of big bloom and also ph is approx 6.8 to 7 going in..**** few pictures down below

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  2. Any help is appreciated, also this is probably 3 post and never receive responses so idk if I'm doing something wrong or posting in a bad spot let me know ...

  3. Looks good. You can get great quality with plain well water and ffof. I have seen it. Looks like maybe a slight overwater? I'd let em dry out til they're pretty light, then soak em with well water. Just my 2cents
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  4. You might be a little nitrogen heavy but you would see some serious clawing i think that soil runs hot maybe just straight water for a bit like weedorchard suggested keep eye on em and update us.
  5. Thanks Iv been trying really hard to keep them healthy and strong.. and ok I'll definitely try that I do usually water ever 5-6 days and they are fairly dry when watering..I also usually only let aprox 1 to 5 % run off I try to keep it minimal I know others say dif..but ok definitely will only water and hold off on nutes for another week..I watered yesterday morning that's probably why they look wer as well..I appreciate any input and is this a good place to post cause I usually never get a response.
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  6. Ok thanks and definitely will do I'll give it another week of just water and hopefully that's helps ..cause I also feel as if I have Slightly slowed growth over the past 2 to 3 days not growing as vigorous as it was!! Thank you guys for any input I truly appreciate ppls opinions and there knowledge that have delt with different things..
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  7. You are welcome. Sounds like a good watering schedule to me.
  8. Hey guys just like I said I'd give you an update ,no nutes for a few weeks..about to give 1/8 dosage just to be on safe side and I think I figured out why plants got toxicity is cause I used mykos Which I'm sure you all know is a beneficiary fungus which is Mycorrhizal fungi ,Which I use each transplant and it helps increase nutrient uptake so I think that's why I got toxicity cause its able to take up much more nutes then normal pics below!!

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  9. Can’t see any nitrogen toxicity really man they look pretty healthy if possibly slightly over watered ‍♂️

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  10. Your plants look fine? I highly doubt its a nute burn, 3 weeks since last dose and it was only a partial dose???? Highly doubt its to much nitrogen. Could be the complete opposite, maybe a nitrogen deficiency, this will cause yellowing on the edges. Id dose them up man.... and mycos is not your problem, this only helps. What I would do.... dose them up with a nice tea on the next watering to get those plants and your microbe colony jumping and then follow up with 1/2 dose of veg food (nitrogen rich) and see how they look. If they look perked up after then follow up with a full dose of nitrogen rich veg food the next week.

    Also your not foliar feeding or spraying anything on the leaves are you? Do that in the light and it can cause burns.

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