possible new growroom light relection!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippie john, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Last night I was sitting at my desk in a dase when I saw some CDs lying there reflecting the light into my eyes, I quickly pushed them off the desk but then thought that they might be an excelent source for light reflection! Line the walls with white paint then nail, screw, glue the CDs to the wall! Is this a go or no go?
  2. HIGH All, sounds like too much work for me. I'd keep it White.
  3. they break up the spctrum of light like a prism.

    im sure u wud b running the risk of some major hot spots.

    i think u'd do more good playin them and singin to ur plants, mite give them a gud laff if nothing else 8oD
  4. yeah thats what I thought. they act kind of like a mirror. just wonderin'.:)
  5. thats prob cus of what they r. if u think about it they have lazers fired at them all day long.
  6. I have a small basement room going great the girls are growing leaps and bounds every day! I have the canopy going yet while I wait for one of the three to sex out I am not really getting enough light down low. I use a 400 hps up high on a slide trac. where and what kind of lighting should I put around the bottom of the girls By the way they are indica the big ole fat leaves but i pruned them early for a low split and they have monster healthy stocks.

    Thanks Yall

    Peace out!!!!!
  7. u say ur lamp is on a light mover? u do know then that it shud b only 9 inch to a foot away from the top of the plants and not the normal 18 inch. iv even seen them run at only 6 inch away.

    id use fluros, either long tubes at the side or if u can b sure it wont touch ur plants and burn them put some compact fluros in between the plants. mite b a bad idea if u mist a lot tho.

    oh and try and make sure that ur reflecting all the light u can thats missing ur plants back on2 them, that helps.
  8. I used 8 four foot floros on two sides of my large flowering room, and instead of misting from a sprayer I just used a humidifier. Eliminated alot of the shading.
  9. barnaby are you sure about that distance with a 400w HPS??....i have a 400 and i wouldn't be able to put it that close......any closer than approx 14" and the heat is too much.......then again, my ballast is built into the light....floodlight style......if only i could have it that close.....and yes misting would be a bad idea at that kind of distance...lol....kabooommm......Peace out.....Sid

  10. yeah im sure about the distance. if the lights moving then the heat doesnt have chance to build up enough to do any damage. its like holding ur hand uver a candle, when it gets hot u take it away, if the lights moving....

    i wudnt run at 6' but i wud run at 9'.

    oh and i may as well have a say about misting while im hear... b4 i mist i turn my light off and move it away from the plants, i have had 1 bulb explode and sodium burns hurt like fuck. the bang shits u up aswell. when misting plants under a light mover just mist the plants that aint under the light at the time, wait 4 it to move then mist the others. its up2 u if u turn it off or not, just remember hps bulbs aint cheap and sodium hurts!
  11. aha...that explains it then....a light mover.....i missed that bit alltogether...lol.....i thought you meant directly above it.......Peace out......Sid
  12. Sid, I have a 430 watt son agro... and lemme tell you, without a ballast a good 8 inches before my hand feels it warm, and they grow like hell, gotta move it up a small notch a day.... well, used too, damn landlord....
  13. Thank you for the tips i am big on the misting that is one of my daily meditations. my light is in the ballast too its just basically mounted on two sets of drawer slides so I can replicate the motion of the day it pretty cool plus it helps keep from getting burnt patches. I have a exaust in and a little fan blowing down low for circulation. Gotta love the HPS!

    Love Ya'll

    peace from Tennessee

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