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Possible NEGATIVE effects of using a Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Rastafari, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. We have all heard a vape is 'healthier'... but is it really? I've always felt that if Mother Earth wanted us to vape, she woulda made it as easily accessible as fire. I always thought a vape was kinda sorta sketchy since it requires electricity and it mostly metal, etc. But after reading this on facebook feed, kinda makes me scratch my head....
    "Checked in & out of Emergancy & Mercy Hospital today! Been avoiding attending to this terrible pain in my throat for about a year now. Had a rare form of PHARYNGITIS, close to my vocal chord. FOR THOSE COOL PEOPLE THAT THINK THAT VAPORIZERS ARE A HEALTHY SMOKING OPTION, 15 YEARS OF REGULAR BUD SMOKING NEVER GOT ME SICK, 1 year of only vaporizor got me a SERIOUS INFECTION!!! Thank GOD it didnt turn into something worse! Soooo RELIEVED!!!!"

    what do you guys think? got any valid anti-vape arguments?
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    who says it's because of the vape? i'd have to see some kind of report that would prove this (edit: that it was directly because of the vape) to really believe this. there are people out there that have been vaping for years now and i've never heard of this happening or anything bad really.
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    I think there are a lot of variables involved.

    -What vaporizer he was using?

    -Quality of material he was using?[Fungi..and other fun stuff can be found in low quality bud]

    -How frequently he was using..?

    -Did he smoke cigarettes on the side?

    -What kind of habits did he have..?

    Not to be an asshole, but from that excerpt he/she sounds pretty dumb.

    If you have a terrible pain in your throat..why not seek immediate medical attention..instead of avoiding it for a year and having to go to the hospital.

    Not sure what plan/insurance shes/hes on, but imo going to a doctor and getting a check up is a lot cheaper than going to the hospital..especially E.R.

    I don't think there are any vaild anti-vape arguments.

    Vapor is less harmful than smoke.IMO

    Edit- In the end...anything you put in your lungs that isn't air is somewhat harmful to you.That's what i think.
  4. Mother earth and fire what?? We'd still be in the stone age. You want to be healthier rasta dont eat fire cooked meat. It has soot and ash and can easily change to carbon. Metal heated meat is better. No Off gassing at 400F. And People who have lung cancer from smoking might disagree with you too. Look at people like Vitolo, it really helps him.
  5. How is heating something up more dangerous than burning it? I don't think mother nature gave us lighters either haha...

    I'm not talking shit about being as natural (i try being as natural as possible and eco-friendly) but I just don't see how that makes sense...

  6. [​IMG]

  7. just this logic is so stupid. like. . . i dont even know where to start. just think about it please.
  8. dude he was asking a question from a personal experience, wasnt stating it as fact, you just called a respected poster stupid and/or a troll [​IMG]
    I have a feeling this guy had a cheap box vape and combusted on multiple occasions, I dont see this happening with an upper end vape with glass or silicone heating elements, but I can deff believe it with a vaporite or something.
  9. i can think of a ton of negatives....

    less irritation, carcinogens, toxins, and other byproducts of combustion

    having to use less herb because the actives are extracted MUCH more efficiently

    little to no smell compared to smoking

    10x the flavor

    yeah, vapes suck :rolleyes:

  10. I have no valid anti vape arguements, but I also don't see vaping as "healthy" so much as being far less harmful than smoking. There are a lot of toxins released by combusting something, and vaping avoids that, so there is that at least.
    Also, those 15 years of regular smoking probably caused the problem to start, the vaping may have just continued the problem to the state it finally got to. It also may have been from something in the bud he was smoking, or toxic parts in the vape...etc I'd need more info to even consider that a valid complaint against vapes.

    And finally, your point about if vaping was healthy then shouldn't it be as convenient as fire...I would say that it sorta is. You can use simple fire to vaporize, you just have to control the heat well. I mean you could heat anything with fire up to the point where it can vaporize, or even just keep the heat at a long enough distance that the bud doesn't combust, its just difficult to do that without using metal as a medium. (Also...metals do come from the earth, as does electricity in the form of static) The only thing making vaporizing difficult is the combustion point of the bud you are burning. I see what you mean about it being more difficult to do properly, but the method behind it isn't much more complicated than fire, its just keeping the flame from touching the herb itself, and making sure the temperature doesn't get so high as to burn the plant matter itself. I dunno, I see them as similar enough.:smoke:

  11. Oh, okay.
  12. 10x the flavor? The few times I have used vaporizers it tastes like hay. I have never used anything high end though. But yea it barely taste like anything.

    Also those problems could of stemmed from so many different things. Just because he/she started vaping then that happened doesn't mean OMG VAPING CAUSES LUNG PROBLEMS! If that were true smoking weed would be so bad for you and so many cases would of been brought up. Like someone else said above I bet it was either a homemade vape or a cheap knock off.
  13. Only negative effect I have experienced is a very noticeable reduction in tolerance, which leads me to be more 'green out' prone when I actually smoke. And greening just fucking sucks.
  14. I can see how using a vaporizer without any sort of water cooling system or "Hydrator" can mess with you....

    I find that vapors heat does need some attention, it is pretty damn hot after a while..

    . when u run it through a volume of water with the hose/stem only about 2mm-4mm deep into the water it cools it significantly and does not reduce potency.... and does not cause me any lung irritation..

    i use a 100 ml two neck round lab flask i got it for like 16 bucks on ebay it works perfect!

    back using a vape to smoke causing serious issues... as long as it ceramic... and you cool the vapors, i see it as a very healthy alternative...

    just remember that the temperature of that element is 325 -400 degrees u should cool it..

    And ALWAYS STAY DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER...I find i get better hits when im hydrated as opposed to dehydrated..

    :smoke:I use a vapor brothers have owned it for about 2 years:smoke:

  15. If you take what you read off Facebook which is full of so much trash you can barely describe it then I guess you should be stuck believing that.

    All vaping is is heating something up to a couple hundred degrees inhaling the vapor. How is direct combustion anymore natural and in tune with "Mother Earth". Instead of 350 degrees to 400 your just doing it at 800 to 1000 degrees.

    People smoke out of pipes bongs etc there made out of metal, glass thats been manufactured etc.

    Do you put your MJ in a fire pit wait for lightening then try to inhale it? That would be the only way "Mother Earth" could allow us to smoke it really. Well you could throw in a vast amount into a magma pool and try that.
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    Thanks for all the feedback blades! :D

    The same guy that posted that status, also wrote this in the comments:

    "I would suggest not using it daily... Maybe alternating and the KEY to using the vaporizer is to keep the heat at the lowest possible temperature and getting used to a tiny bit of mist... Results are still as effective, you just need to hit it a few more times.. Many times it feels better to put the temp up because it feels more like you are smoking something but this is how I damaged the tissues and got infected."

    Once again, I am not stating anything as FACT, nor am I implying any hypothesis. this is all merely speculation, I just got curious when I saw this

    One Love :bongin:

  17. Sorry man, did not mean to jump on you like that. :eek:

  18. If he had his vape set high enough to make it feel like you are smoking, then chances are he was smoking. I haven't been able to get my vape to feel like real smoke ever, no matter what vape except for the one time I accidentally combusted in my mflb. (I'm sure I could if I tried, but I just never have.) If you are combusting with a vape that is probably particularly dry smoke too, since most people dry their bud even more before vaping, so I could easily see that leading to some issues, unless you have it filtered in some way to add a bit of moisture to the mix.
  19. well, to be fair the MFLB is something special when it comes to taste, delivers it like no other vape i've ever tried, and i've tried a decent amount.
  20. This makes great sense. Thanks for the input bro :hello:

    It's all Love brother! :D:D:D <3 :bongin:

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