Possible mold? Help please.

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  1. So two Thursdays ago I cut down my girls, trimmed them up, and put them in front of strong fans to dry them faster. On that Sunday night I jarred them and put them in a dark storage space. I had to make it so short because I was only around that weekend.

    So today I go to my jars and open them, expecting a nice skunky smell, but instead it smells musty. I inspected all the buds, and for about 90% they look fine, but about 10% of the buds are questionably fuzzy white in some areas.

    I'm not sure what to do at this point, this was my first grow. I just smoked a bit of it and it seems fine. I have it drying by a space heater now. Does anybody have any advice/experience?

    The pictures are some suspicious ones. Thanks!

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  2. Looks like it. Not the best photos. It usually starts at the base of leaves or on the leaves. If it's IN the buds, then your pretty much f'd. I caught mine early and used PM wash. Seems to be working ok. And I'm like a week from harvest.

    It's fairly cheap and I've heard other good things about it. You can spray the shit out of the buds themselves and then harvest the next day. Basically water with frequency infused in it. Google it. Called "That Stuff PM Wash"
  3. Is it harmful to smoke this stuff now?

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