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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ticklemefancy, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. hey everyone, i had a few quick questions on a potential grow setup for 1 plant. today i was looking through my things and found a speaker with an easily removable front to access the plant. i would put a small intake in the top and a small exhaust with carbon filter at the bottom. i would use maybe 50 watts of cfl lght to grow. the speaker enclosure itself is only 8 1/2 in tall, 5 inches wide, and 5 inches front to back. if i planted a clone from a female plant, kept the lights relatively close to the plant to cut back on the plant stretching in order to keep he size down, and did alot of low stress training, do you think i could potentially pull off a somewhat successful grow? i wouldnt plan on yeilding alot, maybe 7 or 8 grams at the most, but i think it would be a fun project and have most of the stuff to do it. any suggestions as to what would make the yield better, or better ways of going about this would help tremendously. thank you
  2. also forgot to add that i would use a clone from a plant and would begin flowering around a week and a half so it would have a decent root structure so i can begin lst, and keeping the size under control.
  3. man I love micro grows but I dunno that 8" is gonna be enough height after you factor in the area the the lightbulb will take up, plus the height of the soil. It's possible but it would be super tight. I think for it to be successful you might need to mount a really lowprofile light in there like leds or something.

    I have a few speakerboxes that work great for clones and mothers, and I've flowered in them as well but they're about 12" tall and 8" wide....which on a micro scale is wayyyy bigger then what yer working with. No offense, but if yer serious about this just pick up a slightly larger speaker box at a thrift store or something..they're usually only a few bucks.

    I don't mean to say you can't make it work and pull a few grams out of it, but I think it will have to be an engineering marvel and you'd have a much better experience over all if you got a slightly bigger area to work with.

    Building small boxes can be a headache sometimes....the smaller you go, the tougher it is...imo. If you decide to go with this box though, I'll follow along and help where I can :)

  4. i looked around my basement and found a larger speaker enclosure, but it would be hard to modify to make it suitable for growing. im gonna go to goodwill this weekend and see if i can find something decent. i also think im gonna try a 12/12 light cycle from seed from some bagseed i have laying around. if it doesnt work it doesnt work, and ill try something else
  5. sounds good man :) ..keep an eye out for the ones with the felt covers on the front that pop off...they work great.

  6. thats what this speaker is. its about a 10 inch enclosure, and im going to find a way to attach a hinge so it swings open, but thats not necessary. the whole front pops off and it works out really nice. i just need a way to contain smell, even though it will be a tiny plant. maybe only a 5 -6 gram yield at best. ill also need a way to make the wire on the outside to look like speaker wire.

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