Possible male preflower?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Barca10, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. hey guys this is my first grow and i think i got a male on my hands... this plant is the tallest and oldest one at 5 weeks... its a sativa... would appreciate any help i can get...

  2. Yep, it's male.
  3. ok thanks... its a shame but at least i have 3 left...

  4. you're welcome :) I hope the rest are females...good luck
  5. sorry about your luck bro, hopefully the rest will be some ladies
  6. thanks guys...i have 2 more sativas going and an indica... ill have to post some pictures soon...is it true that females take longer to show sex? cuz i have another sativa that looks like the male but smaller and bushier so im hoping that one is a female.
  7. Hi Barca 10.....welcome to GrassCity. I've found that females take longer to show sex and are a little slower to develop than males........I can plant 12-15 seeds, and the tallest 3-4 at 4 weeks, usually turn out to be male........most of the time. The girls tend to stay more compact with tighter nodal spacing. Here's hoping that the other plants turn out to be female...............chunk
  8. im gonna be flowering soon and i was thinking about picking up 3 42 watt cfl for my 3 plants... i was thinking to use 3 of my other 42 watt vegging cfls... is there a certain ratio of flowering lights and vegging lights that can be used for flowering? i think 252 watts is good for 3 plants... let me know what you guys think...
  9. bump... i didnt wanna open up a new thread just to ask this one question so here it is...im picking up 3 42 watt soft white cfls and i was wondering if i can use my 3 42 watt daylight ones that i already have to use for flowering... i have 3 plants and i wanted to do a daylight and soft white on each plant..any help will be gratefully appreciated!
  10. You can mix the spectrums up...........I would go 75%/25% 6500k/2700k for veg and vice versa for flower.........there are others that would say 50%/50%. Either way will work.
  11. hey, in all the researching we have done 3 2700 to 2 6500 is the ideal ratio we are told, for flowering with cfl's is the advice we have by those experienced with cfl. good luck
  12. alright cool... this is getting really exciting now...

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