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  1. Check these out and tell me what you guys think... im gonna have a mars 300 in a 2x4x6 tent but I also wanted some side lighting. I was thinking t5 in the corners but I seen these at lowes and thought with some modifications they would be better. I think I would have to find my own led lights to throw in so I would need some advice on exactly which kind to get. These strips come in 2' and 4'. What you guys think???
  2. Here's the pic lol

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  3. I don't suppose they could possibly hurt. More light is better in every situation. But the thing with the LEDs and flowering, is your flower lighting needs to be in the right spectrum to get the most out of the plant. But just to pump up around the sides of a plant, I suppose it definitely couldn't hurt. Go read up on the spectrum and LEDs and get some understanding of what is needed during flower to make the plant really put out. We looked at some really cool lights at the Hydro store yesterday and I'm seriously thinking about changing over. They're sort of a combo of HPS and HID but have all the ultraviolets in there needed during flower to get you the blues and bits of red you don't get with the HPS lamps (which is what we flower with currently). But heck yea, throw them in there. No light is going to penetrate more than 18-24" deep into the plant, so when you get your plants under the LEDs, you want light and plant as close as possible without fear of light burn. The LEDs do burn a bit hotter to plants than the HPS, so hang it high and bring down slowly until you find the breaking point. But the higher the light, the less the plant gets out of it. Best of luck. TWW
  4. I got all happy when I seen you replied lol, you always have informative answers. Anyways yea that's what I was hoping for was some advice to which spectrums and colors would be best to modify that strip with. I'll do some research for sure. My thought with the side lighting was to pump up those lower bud sites that the light up top would have trouble hitting especially since I'm still learning proper LST technique to even out the canopy. Tent will be here in a few days and I'm firing up my mars tomorrow, also going to 12/12 tomorrow. Currently using 200 watts of cfls so I'm excited to see the difference in growth.
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