Possible Leaf Curl/deficiency help

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  1. Hi folks! Long time amateur back yard grower but first time poster here. I've searched the internet for possible causes and haven't come up with any so I thought I'd ask the group what they thought. I have a clone that I put in ground back in May and it went to flower briefly before getting used to it's spot. Its growing well but still isn't producing the full sun leaves (only about 1 or two blades on each leaf) and now the leaves are curling upwards with a purple tint to them.

    In the past when I didn't get full sun leaves the problem usually corrects itself with time (and it's always because the plant flowered briefly when it was put in ground). But I've never had this happen for so long and never had the leaf curl like this.

    The plant is outdoors, full sun, in great soil that was just put in place this season for this little lady, and getting adequate water. Any thoughts?

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  2. How often are you watering?
  3. I am watering every other day. I have it set up on a drip system, 8x 1/2 gph emitters that I run for 6 minutes at 6am and another 6 minutes at 7am Mon, Wed, Friday, and Sunday. On Saturday I give it 1/2 a gallon of water mixed with G&B High Growth Fertilizer.
  4. Either that ain't reefer, or it's reverting back to veg from being flowered.
    Looks like a weed to me, and not the one you smoke.
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  5. Oh, it's definitely pot. Long time growers from Canada that I know got me the clone. It only flowered for about a week or two and then started to veg.
  6. I'm stumped. If it's a cutting,are any other cuttings, or the mother plant showing these symptoms? Best I can offer is maybe it's infected with a virus?
  7. It is a cutting but the mother plant didn't show these signs. Not sure a virus would do that to the leaves. Could be something I've never seen though. Usually the big one is tobacco mosaic and this definitely isn't that.
  8. Do you have a pic of momma? Some strong indos keep blocky leafs without the full 5 pedals.

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  9. The leaf deformation might be a symptom. If it's a clone, it should be an exact copy of the mother plant.
    Does the mother plant have all deformed leaves?
  10. Clearly, the picture is of an unhealthy plant showing some severe deformities. It is in no way a typical example of an Indica. Fact is, I doubt if it will even live.
  11. Definitely a happy plant though. IMG_20190715_182626151.jpg IMG_20190715_182630657.jpg IMG_20190715_182626151.jpg IMG_20190715_182630657.jpg IMG_20190715_182644666.jpg
  12. Maybe do some research on veinal chlorsis. The distinct leaf margin mottling and puckered leafs are a couple symptoms attributed to that.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I researched that and it isn't that. My plant is lacking the main issue in that symptom which is chlorosis.
  14. that is a weed

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