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Possible laced weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dandan09, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Yesterday i bought an eigth from a guy i have never bought from before. My original dealer was dry and he gave me one of his friends number. This guy did look a little sketchy but since my friend knew him i thought it would be ok to buy from him. I ended up smoking about half a blunt by myself. After about 20 min my heart was racing crazy fast. I started sweating a little, i was becoming a little twitchy, and my throat started hurting like there was a hole burning in it. I was extremely close to picking up my phone and calling 911. I have been smoking for over a year and i like to think i know my stuff. Before and after this crazy heart racing period, i felt a normal high. Just for this 20 min i felt like i was on a coke rush or something (never done it). I am wondering if this is a side effect of just certain strains, or if maybe this was laced with something, or maybe its just some bomb ass weed lol. Posted below are a few pictures to see if you can tell. My dealer claims its couch lock weed

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  2. Looks perfectly fine bro, just the THC crystals. Jew got some dank :bongin:
  3. that looks like some dank ass buds, so u were prollyy just really high and u did smoke a half blunt to yourself, thats quite abit
  4. im pretty sure im overreacting, but ive smoked so many different strains and ive been smoking weed for over a year. i have never experienced such a crazy heart rate. i really thought i was going to have a heart attack. i wasnt paranoid i was just chillin and bam it hit me. i didnt even smoke as much as i usually do.
  5. Need to remember this, drug dealers gain zero profit by lacing your weed. Just chill
  6. i heard that some lace it to get people hooked? and since i was a new client...just speaking out loud here
  7. well most dealers deal cuz they want to smoke for free and maybe have a little extra cash, so most dealers wouldnt go through all of that and wait for the long run
  8. He would make more money just selling whatever other product he has upfront. There would be absolutely no point in lacing your weed. Why, so you get hooked on weed? And then he would have to continue lacing any other weed you buy so you come back? No point at all. No profit. Just chill:cool:
  9. Yea you just never experienced that type of weed. Every weed has different highs believe it or not. I recently experienced that heart rate thing but I just told my self it was all in my mind and not to panic. Damn I'm smart when stoned

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