Possible hermi? Also hows much longer on my mother?

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    Hello everyone. I had 2 of my girls go through a lot of stress and I think they could possibly be hermi's. Also 1 of my mother, she's in week 8 since I switched to 12-12. First 3 possible hermi. Last one is the mother.

    Strain : northern lights
    Lights: 2 1000watt hps
    Medium: ffof
    Nutes: bloom 0-10-10 & nature feed 3-7-6
    8 weeks since 12-12
    7 weeks since preflower
    Temps: mid 70s (60 at night)
    Stess: barely survived nute deficiency
    Tris: 9\\1 (cloudy\\amber)

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  2. if it hermi you cant do anything abouy it, just harvest the regular time its suppose to.

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