Possible hermaphrodite?

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg What's goin on fellow farmers, I was hoping one of you might be able to tell if in pictures below you might see pollen sacs forming. We are running a strain called brightberry cookies (gsc X nl X bbk). The females we kept showed early signs of hermaphroditism but seemed to express just female traits as we made sure there was minimal stess. Some of the flowers look like there are clusters of what could be pollen sacs forming, but I personally can't tell. The calyxes are really fat and some of the questionable pollen sacs that were forming ended up shooting out pistils instead. In early bud formation, do buds look somewhat bulbous as if there could be pollen sacs forming within the calyx clusters? Or might I be mistaking these for dense calyxes that haven't grown pistils yet? Thanks in advance for responding!

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  2. Shes growing fannies ....everywhere ..but no testes can be seen

    show me the footballs I'll show you the man!

    till then Chill.. !
  3. give it a little while and take more pics, looks fine to me but that could be a different story in a week.
  4. based on what you have pictured it looks 100% female
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