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  1. i was thinking about possibly turning my dresser into a growroom. i figure i'd only beable to grow 1 (small) plant to maturity, but that's all i really need :) i was just wondering if it's possible... the dimensions for the dresser are as follows:

    ariel view (approximately) -

    / \
    \ /

    frontal view (approximately) -

    / \
    \ /

    is this too small for a smaller sized plant like NL or WW?... or maybe a NL#5 X Blueberry (<= would be my top choice)? if so, how much would i be lookin at, cost wise, to convert it? (lighting, exhaust fans, odor control etc.)

    i figure since it's only one small plant i wouldn't need anything too large. a couple small fans, a small bulb, one of those ionic air filters to keep the air from smellin'...any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. also, what type of lighting would this require, and where would i beable to get the bulbs, lol. sorry about not really looking around the forum first. i just wanted to ask this before i crash for the night... thanks in advance for any help :)
  3. I'd say that's plenty big enough for 1 plant, maybe 2. Well here's what I would do with it. I'd take all the drawers out and separate the drawer fronts from the drawer boxes, and glue the drawer fronts to the dresser so it still looks like a dresser. Then I'd cut the back wall of the dresser out and turn it into an access door using some hinges. You can find these things in most big department stores that you stick on the bottom corners of the dresser that makes it easy to slide on the floor so you can keep the back against the wall to hide the door and slide it away from the wall to open it. Then I'd line the entire inside with mylar or paint it bright white. Don't use tin foil. For lights, I'd use 2 or 3 4' long flo fixtures suspended with chains from the roof of the dresser so you can raise and lower the lights as your plants grow. But if you got the cash, go with a 250W HPS. Then you could vent it with a couple of 50cfm exaughst fans, one blowing in, one blowing out. But they're kinda bulky and hard to hide, so maybe a few pc fans will do the trick. You can find plenty of places online to buy your lights. If your gonna use flos, you can get them at kmart or somewhere. Like 30 bucks for a few fixtures and some bulbs. Or about $100 - $150 for a 250W HPS. About $30 for some mylar, or a few bucks for paint, maybe $40 for fans, so your lookin at around $100 - $200 to do it right.
  4. 4' long fixtures wouldn't fit across the top of my dresser. it's 4.5' tall... not wide. it's only about 2 - 2.5' wide... i make pretty decent money so the cost isn't really a big issue. i was originally thinking i'd have to spend like 400 or more, so 200-250 doesn't sound so bad :D

    i was also thinking since i have a 55 gallon tank for my python, i could construct a stealth grow chamber and use it as a stand. this way i could garauntee privacy... it'd also be good 'cause i'd beable to fit more plants :)
  5. Hey Cotton how old are you. Im 16 and I'm waiting for that day that I move out. Until then there is no possible way for me to grow inside. Next spring I will probably plant some bag seed in a field right accross the street from me. I might also make a tiny grow box and stick it in a vacant shed somewhere in my neighborhood. Maybe If we move into a bigger house I could find a spot. But its toooo risky
  6. so NL it is :D... i think i'm going to go for the stand for my snake. it's almost 100% that no one would even suspect. i do have to worry about people searching my drawers from time to time (unfortunately).

    how tall would i have to make the top of the grow chamber in order to beable to grow the NL? i'll attach a pic of my desired dimensions... i'm guessing that'd be enough for 3 or 4 NL's?

    i'm new to all this, so please be patient with me, lol :)... can hps be used during germination, vegging, and flowering, or should i use something different, and just use the hps for flowering? i've heard it both ways, but i'm gonna go with what you say 'cause i've seen the pics of your harvests. lol. so i know you know what you're talkin' about :D also, how many would i put in that space? 2 150's? and do you know of anywhere i could get a decent deal on lights? (i have no idea where to even begin to look, lmao).

    lol. sorry for all the Q's. i just wanna avoid making some of the the newbie mistakes :hippie:
  7. oops... forgot to post the pic...

  8. well, i'm only 19. i still live at home. the electric bill shouldn't really be too much of a problem because it's starting to get real cold, and my parent's are blasting the heat (especially this winter due to my niece being born)... so they probably won't notice a 40$ (ish) difference. we have a heat pump so it's all electric, and we get a discount because of it :D so i figure i'll be good as far as that's concerned.

    i'm going to construct my grow room to look like a stand for my snake tank (with a trick wall so i can have access). my parent's will figure i bought one 'cause i don't like the one i have now, and they'll never even think to look there. plus i'll be clean (they're going to be UTing me). they'll probably stop doing that by the time i get everything set up and harvested... hopefully i'll beable to enjoy my harvest right after the UT's stop :D make up for the couple months i have to lay off :)
  9. As for dresser plans: I can see maybe if you live at home or maybe just with a B/F or G/F or a roomate, But if your still a teen living with your parents, they are not that great. I mean, my mom still does my laundry(which im damn proud of) and she puts it in my dresser for me most the time. I mean even if you did your own laundry, its so accesible and wouldnt it look odd if you try to open the draw and it wont open, and none of them will?
    PS- I dont think an electric bill for a HPS will be 40 bucks. More like 10 - 15 I thought extra. I forgot the formula for calculating.
  10. yeah... that's why i decided on the tank stand. a lot less suspicious, as well as virtually no risk. and yeah... i was on overgrow and was reading up on lighting a little. there will probably only be a 10$ difference w/my setup. 1k light will cost about 30-40, i'm only gonna be using 250, so i should be fine :). now on to feeding, ferts. etc. :D
  11. Well keep me updated & informed on how everything is going, I hope to follow in your steps soon, do you have AIM, YAHOO, or MSN messenger that I can add you too?
  12. by the way. woody, is 3.5' too short for those plants? the seed company i was looking at for NL #5 has the height listed at 2-3'. i figured a half foot of clearance would be sufficient enough for the lights. if not i could possibly add a little bit more onto the height (or grow with floros?)... but i think it'd look a little suspicious with a really tall stand for just a snake tank.

    also, before i forget again, how many floros would i use to germinate? i was looking around on overgrow and through the forums, but haven't found anything that really answers that. maybe i'm just stoned and skipped it or something, lol... thanks in advance for any info. :)

    much appreciation
  13. I have about the same dimensions... too... but my height is smaller, 19" high x 58" long x 29" deep ...I've been thinking about growing horizontally (turning the plant on its side and putting the lights that way too... I heard something about growing that way a while ago... and i only plan on growing one plant, and topping it then taking the top and cloning it, but i have a smaller box i use if i want to clone with a couple flouros
  14. well, i've done a bit more research and i've decided i want to go with belladonna and nebula in a SOG setup. they both take roughly the same amount of time to flower, are perfect for SOG, and i should get nice yeilds from both. i plan on producing some sinse-seeds by crossing 2 of the females (1 from each strain) which should (if i'm right) produce a good SOG plant that should have a great trippy high with a fruity taste.

    i'm gonna go with a 250W Son Agro HPS in my snake-stand grow room (that i have yet to build, lol). i plan on paper-clip training to control height so i should get a nice little batch of christmas-tree type plants.

    wish me luck guys :)

    edit: anyone know off the top of their head what kind of odor control i'd be looking at? should i go with an ozone generator... or could i pull it off with the bowl of vinegar and maybe putting dryer sheets in the exhaust tube?
  15. OK i got a good setup. It doesn't involve your dresser, but maybe another idea. and maybe im high so excuse me if im not so confident with the following information. So you have a big fishtank right? what if you could build the growroom in there and nail the cupboards shut to make them look fake. then build a door in the back thats faced up to a wall. Ok now about the smell, you could put the airpump inside the cabinet and have the smell covered by filtering through the water..right?
  16. i'm going to build a stealth grow chamber, and make it look like a stand for my 55 gallon tank. the tank is for my almost 4 foot long ball python.

    as for odor control, i've decided to go with the small ionic breeze, combined with a bowl of vinegar.
  17. Sounds like a plan :) I dont even know where i got the fishtank part from...lol.. Sounds like a cool snake. whats his/hers name?
  18. his name is jake the snake. lol... i usually just call him jakie though.
  19. i am sure the heat from your lights will be much apreciated by your snake as well.
  20. iv'e got a question...doe's pennywise the clown freak you out as much as it doe;s me..i'm 37 and everytime i watch ..{IT}..MY HAIR STANDS ON END'...makes my daughter laugh her ass off...there is actually a name for the phobia..fear of clowns...i'm not exactly terrified by them but i sure wouldn't want to be locked up in a room full of them either.....i know this isn't the place for a post like this but oh well...

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