Possible ghost sighting. True story.

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    OK guys, welcome to my true story. I am new to actually posting on GC, but I have read the GC forums for months b/f just recently starting to post. For one thing I spend more time at a forum that I've been enjoying for years. I only discovered GC about 7 mos. ago.

    Anyways I've seen how some of these threads go downhill fast, so let me clear up a few things:

    1) THIS IS A TRUE STORY. There's no point in discussing this, b/c this is honestly, truly a real story. Let's not fixate on this of all things.

    2) IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT, THAT'S OK. It really is OK. I know everyone won't believe it.

    3) I guess I'll mention that weed is not involved in the story. This is just a crazy old story that I thought some folks would enjoy. At the time I was already a seasoned stoner, though. lol

    4) Please no trolling of any kind in my kind thread. :cool: My user name is Peaceful Pete, after all.

    OK Here's the story:

    About 3 years ago, my friend "T" had driven me to my uncle's house for some reason. I think my last car had just died, so he was doing me a favor by driving me there. Honestly I don't remember the exact reason we were stopping at the house. But it was some boring reason, like picking up mail from my uncle or something like that. Whatever the exact reason, I would have to see him in person to complete the task. T and I had been driving by the house, so we stopped to see if he was there, so I could do that task. We stopped in his backyard and I tried to call him, to see if he was there. No answer when we called, so we knew he wasn't there. We ended up not even going in the house, just leaving when we realized he was not there.

    Anyways my uncle runs his own business, and he is constantly hiring different workers, secretaries, etc. At the time of the story, he had a "housekeeper" stop by his tiny little apartment once a week or so. She would vacuum, mop, etc. I had never met her though. I just knew that he had some woman stopping in to clean.

    So anyways, T and I are at my uncle's house. We're in the driveway, behind my uncle's house. We had just pulled in, and we both got out as I made the call to my uncle, and he didn't answer. We could see all the way up to the roof of the house (2 stories plus a large attic as the 3rd floor). We were kinda looking up at the house and we noticed in one of the attic windows (3rd floor), we saw a young-looking woman waving at us. Remember it was far away as it was the 3rd floor attic window, plus we were back in the driveway, a little distance from the house. But anyway, we saw the woman waving at us. She looked young, maybe in her late 20's or 30's. She appeared to have a lot of dark flowing hair, and she seemed to have a nice friendly smile and wave. Very pleasant.

    So we waved back, and then we got in the car and left. T said something like, "Oh, who's that?" I'm like, "Well, I guess that must be my uncle's cleaning lady. I had never met her before, but I know she stops by to clean every week or so."

    So I figure that when I talk to my uncle later on that day, I'll tell him that we met his cleaning lady via the attic window, and I imagine my uncle will soon be joking about how young and attractive she is. I mean, that's how I assume the conversation will go. My uncle is 67 yrs old BTW, and he still loves YOUNG women... LOL

    So later that night, the phone conversation with my uncle is like this:

    ME: So we met your cleaning lady today, I think. lol She waved to us from the attic window.

    UNCLE: What? You met my cleaning lady? I didn't think she stopped by today. Huh, I guess she must have. So how was it to meet her?

    ME: Oh good, lol. She only waved to us from the attic window. She seemed very pleasant.

    UNCLE: Yeah she is nice... She was in the attic window? I wonder why she would be in the attic. I mean, she doesn't do any cleaning in the attic, only my apartment itself. Huh. I guess she must have been looking for toilet paper or kleenex or something.

    ME: Yeah I guess so. So... How old is she by the way? (Expecting him to say something like "29" or "32," and then start the inevitable joking and laughing about how young and cute she is.)

    UNCLE: I don't know how old she is... Well she's younger than me, but actually, she's probably almost as old as me... She's probably in her 50's...

    ME: Wait, her 50's???

    UNCLE: Yeah, maybe early 60's...

    ME: Wait you're talking about your cleaning lady, right?

    UNCLE: Yeah, she's in her 50's or 60's.

    ME: But the woman we saw in your attic looked very young. Like late 20's or 30's. ...Who else do you have stopping INTO your apartment? (His apartment is the only route to the attic.)

    UNCLE: Well, nobody else. I just have my old cleaning lady, and that's it. But I didn't think she was going to stop by today anyways. And she's old looking, with pretty SHORT HAIR. So I don't know who you think YOU GUYS saw... Are you sure you saw someone? Maybe it was a reflection or something?

    ME: No, T and I both saw the same exact thing: a young woman with lots of dark hair, smiling and waving very pleasantly from YOUR attic window...


    That's it. There was never any sensible explanation that came up. My uncle had absolutely no one stopping in his apartment, other than the old cleaning woman with short hair.

    T and I talked about it a couple times -- he'd ask if my uncle or I figured out who exactly it was. Nope...
  2. Pretty cool. I myself wouldnt mind the company of a NICE ghost. Itss those means ones that get ya. Should do some researching on the internet about the house. if anything happened there id imagine you could find it.
  3. Hey there, peaceful pete. :wave:
  4. dam thats weird. the closest thing ive got to a ghost story is once me and my freind were faded and he walked out into his hallway and thought he saw a ghost :smoking:
  5. Not that I'm calling you a liar, but you say it's your uncle's appartment, but it's 'your dads cleaning lady?' typo perhaps?
  6. I had what I wouldnt call a ghost sighting but a really weird experience. Basically my gf and I were tasked with driving her sibling to soccer practice and rather than having them sit in a cold car I volunteered to start her jeep. As a preface in her family is obviously her(we will call her gf) her younger brother(O) and her youngest brother(P) and her youngest sister(K) and her father. When I hopped in the Jeep I started the engine like I normally would but when I looked to my left I saw this clear cut figure, very pale, enormous smile(wasnt faking or pushing it), shiny teeth, black hair and was wearing a tux. I didnt think much on it since I do not believe in ghosts and for the two seconds my mind went through a brain fart I thought it was her brother(O) on the otherside. Well saying to myself "Very funny O" I looked over to the passenger side and no one was there and when I looked back at the very same angle and same lighting no one was there. Turns out the only person who could have possibly pulled it off was O and he was the last to come out. Now her nanny said that I probably saw my own reflection but I really dont think thats the case. This person looked nothing like me and there was no way someone who was dressed and looked completely different could be a reflection of me. It was something unexplainable.
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    Ha, yeah a typo... lol Thanks. I'll fix it.

    BTW the story really is true. People's identities are a bit concealed, but the story itself is accurate. All of us forum members are anonymous, after all, and we call our friends things like "T." lol Maybe we even call our dads our uncles, or vice-versa, to try to be just slightly more confidential / anonymous. Maybe we don't want our straight-edge friends to possibly wander on GC some day, recognize an EXACT telling of a familiar story, then realize that I'm on this MJ forum... lol That was my reasoning anyways. I'm not saying it makes sense though; that was just how I approached it. But I promise the story itself really happened just like I told it. :cool:
  8. Wow crazy story. I wonder if it's true???

    It strikes me that it might have the "ring of truth" b/c after all it's not a very wild, dramatic story. I mean, he's not talking about Hollywood-style Poltergeist shit, it's just a weird story that doesn't quite add up... I suppose his uncle might have also just been confused, since apparently the uncle ran his own business and had his employees visiting his apt. now and then. I'm just saying, maybe his uncle DID have some young woman stopping by for some reason, then forgot about it and never figured it out...

    As far as the "uncle" and "father" thing -- well I guess the OP pointed out that all of us blades are anonymous, and we call our friends anonymous names like "T." I guess if the OP was a paranoid type, I guess I could see him calling his father his uncle instead, just to make the story slightly more anonymous... I dunno, it really probably doesn't make sense, but I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that yes, everyone's anonymous, but the story still might be true... I don't know. I just know that I love ghost stories that are supposed to be true. :cool:
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    So assuming the base story is true, sounds like you just may have seen a ghost in the 3 story attic window of a big old spooky house. I can tell you I would be very reluctant to go hang at that house too much. You always see these people in the movies and they never just leave the place, they always hang out and get their throats slit, etc. Its haunted. I would be a little spooked. Maybe tell him to have a priest come bless it or something. Thats my suggestion. Maybe she'll go away. Even if she is nice, she is bringing bad mojo. Did you make it clear to your uncle that there is a ghost in the house? Maybe he has his own stories... No sweat on the anonymous stuff.

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