Possible Fraud from Worldwide marijuana seeds

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    Hello all,
    As this is my first post, I wanted to share some information about 'The Single Seed Centre'. I recently placed an order, waited the recommended 4-5 day order placing period, and decided to contact them via email just because(I usually order from herbies but their bitcoin payment option is currently down)
    After 2 ish days I recieved an email from their "customer service" team, which led me to a website that could contain malware and potential credit card theifs. It also wanted me to create a login (which I though was suspicious) and wanted to know if others have had problems with their seed banks. Peace.
    I put the url. below if anyone is interested in viewing the website, I suggest using a VPN or something encrypted just to be secure.
    Solutions : Single Seed Centre
  2. I've placed one order to SingleSeedCenter 2 years ago, and all went well.
    But things can change.

    Now I'd rather waste money on 3-seed packs, knowing I might never grow 2 of them.
    Without breeder packs, we can't be sure what the seed really is, and I'm willing to pay more to be sure.
    It's human to err.
  3. I feel you on buying in "bulk" perse, but I used to (especially with herbies, I had a collection of 20ish seeds till I gave em to a friend) buy in bulk, and now it's more of a "try it before you buy it". If I like the genetics and the lineage, then I'll invest in said breeder from That seed bank. But other than that, I'm just a little curious where others stand, and what other reputable seed banks there are out there.
  4. There aren't any good US seedbanks yet that have good selections, good prices, and 3-seed or smaller packs.
    Breeders Mephisto (autos only) and GrowerChoice are easy US seed sources.
    Alibongo with it's free shipping is excellent for worldwide seeds.
  5. There all kinds of U.S banks man just gotta be willin to pay the $$$ for the genetics,,thats the thing,,most of them are BOUTIQUE genetics not like a nirvana ect

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