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Possible dodgy weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Brizzle1690, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Gonna start by saying I've been smoking pretty heavily for atleast 5 years now, just so people know I'm not a newbie who just didn't know what to expect. This could be quite long btw so bear with me please lol.

    Anyway, I didn't have any for about a week and went through the usual sweat out etc until Saturday when I bought a quarter. I'm not very good with strains etc, not something I really care about too much as long as it works but I was told it was Haze. When I got home I racked up a pretty big waterfall which could potentially be the mistake I made. Roughly 15 minutes after smoking it I was watching tv and out of nowhere I got this really hard, intense burning/tightness in my chest which stopped me dead in my tracks and instantly caused a freak out. I can only relate the feeling to that of what I assume a heart attack feels like. I started breathing deep to assure myself that my lungs and heart were ok, assuming I would feel more pain upon breathing if they weren't. The pain then moved up to my right shoulder like somebody was grabbing it and squeezing it as hard as they could. After that it moved up into my neck and the back of my head but went away after a few minutes then it was all panic. I started shaking violently, could barely communicate with my friend who I phoned to try and calm me down and eventually got a cold shiver that forced me to get under my bed covers to warm up. I lay there for maybe 10 minutes then just fell asleep, like I was exhausted or something. I woke up the next day and haven't felt right since. The pain in my shoulder comes back now and then and my eyes have constantly felt like I'm still high, I'm also struggling to stay awake for more than an hour at a time, constantly just feel tired especially in my eyes even though I haven't smoked anything since. I'm too scared to in case it sets me off again. When I first started smoking I had quite a few 'bad highs' which caused twitches and a whitey or two but never any pain or panic attacks. I was just wondering if anybody else has ever experienced this? Does this sound like a panic attack? And could the weed itself have been the cause or did I just simply go too far too soon? Not the first time I've went without for a while then just jumped back into it but I've never had a single complication from it. Sorry for the long ass post but I'm just trying to get as much reassurance as possible that I'm not about to drop dead from a stroke or some shit. I can't shake the feeling that it's going to come back, especially with the shoulder pain which radiates into my chest and makes me anxious/worried. The weed itself smells peppery which isn't that unusual and it seems to look ok but I haven't been using this dealer long so I'm not entirely trusting of his services as of yet. Does this sound like dodgy weed or too much weed in a clean system? I don't like to say shit like 'dodgy weed' or whatever and regardless of what decision I make I'll always remain 100% pro weed but it does happen.. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. You most likely had a panic/anxiety attack I get them it feels like your having a heart attack they suck bro lol
  3. tldr
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  4. So you're gonna reply just to say you didn't read it? What's the purpose of that exactly? lol
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  5. Panic attacks feel nothing like a heart attack. If your in that much pain then its either the gravity bong (their harsh) or just some crappy weed. does your weed look good if its trash then thats your problem

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  6. WUT I ain't smelled haze that smells like pepper.
  7. tldr
  8. It's possible, I only know of one time I had a haze strain. Silver haze specifically. (usually I have unknown strains) and had a chance to smell it a lot and it was a super unique smell. With all the weed strains and pheneotypes out there there's for sure haze strains that would smell like pepper. As a matter of fact a strain I've been smoking on has a bit of pepper taste and smell. Although it's more indica unlike haze. But I digress.
  9. Cannabis related anxiety and anxiety in general can cause all sorts of weird symptoms. Worse thing is, as soon as you realize your freaking your mind can get really wound up and amplify the symptoms greatly causing you to think your having a great medical issue. Problem is when you get to this point it can get even scarier depending how much you consumed and snowball from there. I always just take one hit and wait 15-20 min to see how I feel no matter the strain. If I feel like I need a bit more medicine I adust from there but usually 1 good hit of dank is enough for me. The strength of today's medicine is so potent it's the only way I can use cannabis is microdose but it does work wonders and keeps my tolerance to a minimum.

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