Possible deficiency?

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  1. Im writing this as i smoke a bowl and i notice some discoloring in some leaves but its very inconsistent. Theres one that looks almost grey but i wanna say theres a slight possibility i was drunk asf with a cigarette in my hand while i was topping the girls. Whoops? Im not sure tho because i barely noticed today. She looks super healthy tho. Im not thinkin cal/mag because my water has tons of it as far as i know. I know my nutes dont have much cal/mag and ive only fed a couple times anyway. They seem to love the fox farms soil alone. Let me know whay you guys think?

    Just transplanted into a 5 gallon too

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  2. @vostok ?
    ^ canna-diagnosis vato
  3. Yes it needs supplements get on a nute cycle ASAP.
  4. list nutes, amounts given and when
  5. Im pretty sure yesterday was this first time i fed. Only about 1/4 strength. This is the same strain, same soil, same feed. Its jack 2-1-2 citrus feed; 35 %OF 35%HF %30 perlite mix for the soil.

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  6. My suggestion is add dolomite lime to regulate PH and then adjust less nitrogen more calcium and manganese.
    It's one of the minor nutrients that'[s the problem. Might as well set everything straight while you're at it.
  7. Can lime be added after i already transplanted?
  8. I don't see why not, it's a PH regulator so it can be readded to soil to maintain the proper ph, if you do a flush usually adding more is helpful same with a transplant

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