Possible dead Bin Laden photo

Discussion in 'General' started by Flonkas, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hello, I just wanted to share this with you guys. Just got posted like 30 minutes ago to liveleak. Too bad you never know what is photoshopped these days.


    If this offends anyone I am sorry and will take it down.
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    Is Osama smiling..? I doubt this is a real photo. Something like this wouldn't leak quite so easily. And apparently he was shot above his left eye. Bullet hole is above his right.
  3. Are you sure thats not the burger king dude?
  4. Bullet wound looks fake.
  5. can someone please explain instead of saying it looks fake how the fuck you can fake making this photo or just explain HOW its fake
  6. Umm... photo editing software?
  7. This was the first photo of dead Osama:


    Looks real right? It's fake.

    That one was taken from this picture here (notice the smile?):


    This newest one that the OP posted though? I dunno yet.
  8. looks fake to me, i don't think that much of his head would be left

  9. Let me guess.. when Avatar came out you thought it was a documentary about a real planet....
  10. Doesnt it look a little too fishy that theres a nicely placed usa badge right in view?
  11. The badge looks real to me. :p

    It's rather simple to manipulate and blend a photo using static and night vision effects. I also see blur effect in there.

    Yeah.. spotting a shop is easy when you've seen hundreds of fakes.
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    It looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time
  13. Im not saying the badge is fake, I said its just in a too much of a perfect place. But yeah Im agreeing with you.
  14. I would rep you for that last sentence if I could. :(
  15. Fake as pamela andersons tits. When you're dead you don't smile, obviously fake. Whoever photo shopped this failed.
  16. all pics in this thread are fake.
  17. all pics that have surfaced or will surface are totally fake, dont believe everything you read or see on tv.
  18. umm, i'm sure that there are real pictures somewhere. even if an average joe gets killed, they take pictures for evidence/investigation purposes. There are real pictures somewhere (if of course it really happened. which i think it did). We probably won't see them for a while. I think they will have to release them eventually, due to the large number of people that always start conspiracy theories now days, and can't accept anything that happens. They wouldn't have the president of the US report that bin laden was killed, if there was any chance at debunking it.
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    Of course there are pictures, but they haven't been released. The white house still has possession over them
  20. they have released no official photos unless the news just lied

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