Possible Danger Created From One OF The Stickies

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just noticed that the Sticky in General about how to clean you pipes, bowls, bongs, etc. reccomends using Isopropyl Alcohol to clean acrylic piece, which according to the below link is potentially dangerous. Since this is a sticky, perhaps we should just remove the word acrylic from the post so no one gets hurt or sick. I just noticed this.


    ^^That's the link to the thread about the danger of cleaning acrylic with Isopropyl Alcohol.
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    Good catch, I don't endorse use of acrylic bongs or pipes period!

    Using ISO to clean acrylic is just not a great idea either. Acrylic bongs are very obsolete and hazardous, many ways of cleaning other pipes will become potentially toxic when applied to acrylic bongs: Store bought cleaning solutions Isopropyl and salt , Hot or boiling water or Pipe cleaners. each can degrade the molecules of the acrylic and will then begin to off gas air borne toxins.
  3. Yeah, glass is just safer. It's like if you were gonna eat questionable food. I know it will fill you up, but at what price?

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