Possible cure for cancer

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  1. That would be great if it actually works long time without any complications.

    Say about 6 years it will be ready, may even be able to get it done before that.


  3. Cancer "vaccine"

    How the fuck does that work?

    I cant believe we have not cured cancer yet.
  4. In all seriousness, i dont trust vaccines at all :laughing: unless its some polio type ish

  5. the polio vaccine created aids, so maybe that isnt the one to trust lol
  6. Apparently they found some sort of cure ages ago. But Big Pharma wouldn't fund it/put it on shelves because they wouldn't make money off cancer patients.

  7. apparently "big bad pharma" didnt realize that curing cancer would be worth trillions of dollars. :rolleyes:

  8. No...

  9. no what.
  10. this is wonderful and all, but it's really fucking with nature. overpopulation will probably now reign even more supreme.

    with one giant leap forward comes two even larger steps back. i'm really interested to see where this will take the world of pharmacology and medicine in the next few years (because that's one of the industries i want to work in :laughing: )
  11. [quote name='"Jdahms"']

    no what.[/quote]

    No, as in do you how much chemotherapy and radiation costs? Do you know how many people have cancer? Yeah, we're never gonna see a cure...

    Now eczema, they need to cure that shit
  12. I think they make more money off repeated treatments than they would off a this vaccine. So I guess there's more money in simply fighting it but not curing it than there is in actually curing it.

  13. it is incredibly hard to prevent random genetic mutation. look at the complexity of anti-virals, and then multiply that by some huge number.
  14. Dudes.

    A cancer cure is worth 100s of trillions. A cure for heart disease is worth something around 60 trillion.

    No company is going to pass on that.
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    Sources? I don't think it would be worth that much. I mean.. I don't think many people would be able to afford such a cure anyway and likely only a small percentage of those with cancer would receive it. Maybe years and years down the road it will become much cheaper and easier.. but not in the foreseeable future

    100s of trillions is a lot of money haha. In 2009 there were only 8.9 trillion dollars in the US.. Surely that's a good bit higher now, but it still speaks as to how much money that really is

    There's a lot of money in it though no doubt.. but I think there's more in simply fighting it rather than curing it like I said earlier. BUT I like to sometimes think it's not always about money and when working with something like this there's still some humanity left in the business. I might be wrong though
  16. i dont buy that 8.9 trillion stat. lowes home improvement brings in over 15 trillion a year alone.

    the reason I know those numbers is because I invested money in a company that is close to curing heart disease and certain kinds of cancer.
  17. 8.9 does seem a bit low.. But I dunno, perhaps that 15 trillion was because a good bit of the money was recirculated and brought back? I mean money pretty much goes in a circle I feel like.

    [ame=http://askville.amazon.com/money-exists-world-ratios-pound-euro-yen-dollar/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=3612391]how much money exists in the world? What are the ratios; ie. to pound, euro, yen, dollar, etc?[/ame]
    According to this there is only $46.513 trillion in the world.
  18. my numbers were off slightly, but still both worth around 50 trillion


    boom. headshot.

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