Possible Cure For Cancer

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  1. Cancer patients have been left free of the disease after being treated with a new drug which harnesses the power of their own immune cells. Four of 38 patients treated have seen the disease disappear, while five others saw reductions of 50 per cent in their tumours. The drug works by activating the body's disease fighting T cells.

    more here Patients 'free from cancer' after immune-boost treatment - Telegraph
  2. wow. looks like we're coming close.
  3. They still have some more money to squeeze out of it.
  4. good stuff there..glad to see some progress
  5. Possible cure for cancer:

    Cannabis Sativa
  6. Hells yes! I take it for cancer prevention.:D
  7. lol that's what I told my (much) older sister when she caught me smoking (she's a worse weed-nazi than my parents)

    "Chill, i'm just preventing myself from getting tumors. Yeah, such a criminal, aren't I?"

    Then i walked out. I shoulda blew some smoke in her face for effect. :hello:
  8. weed isnt a cure for cancer, nor does it prevent it.. i know a few people who have been potheads all their life and have developed cancer

    you guys will believe anything about weed if it isnt negative

    did ya know smoking weed will give you teleportation ability if you smoke a pound in 32 hours?
  9. lol, no doubt neg. I especially love those who say weed has no adverse effects on your body.

    But back on topic. My university has actually already cured cancer, have a look:

  10. for real?

    shit im gonna go spend all my money on that pound and go to Australia!!:smoke::smoke:
  11. Go to New Zealand, way cooler there.
  12. You're all half-right.

    Cannabinoids are a useful tool in combating cancer, along with many other techniques, technologies and drugs. As long as cells replicate, cancer will exist.
  13. I was not stating that cannabis certainly cured and or prevented cancer. Neg stated that it certainly did not, so the links go to show that one cannot really be certain of such a claim. :)
  14. cancer is a disease only known to modern civilization

    the only way to really end it is to stop eating shit diets
  15. Um... no.

    Totally and utterly wrong.

  16. you're right, carcinogens lead to cancer...their are lots of lots of carcinogens everyone now a days

    what carcinogens did their used to be an abundance of that would cause cancer?
  17. Sunlight.
  18. Fewer people died of cancer in the past because they were too busy being killed by smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, etc. before they had a chance to get cancer.

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