Possible Closet Grow?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mcgeeskii, Jan 23, 2010.

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    So I usually just lurk on these forums and take in all the info.
    I feel like I've taken in enough & am finally ready to grow,
    especially since I am now living in a single family home.:hello:

    The closet in my bedroom I barely use and I was thinking:
    "Hey why not try to grow 1 or 2 plants in here?"
    I took two pics of the closet with my sister's crappy cellphone.
    Just to get the gist of it and if you could let me know if it is too small for 2 plants. If that's the case me growing 1 plant I'd be fine with as it's just for personal use :) Onto the pics


    (I'm 5'5 1/2 and can walk in the closet without bending down & w/e)


    Don't mind the clothes just moving in unpacking etc,:eek:
    The only thing I'm really worried about is the slope in the closet ?
    Also odor control,I read about a bucket tutorial that supposedly eliminates odor?

    Well yeah just give me any ideas, thanks in advance
  2. You could do a good scrog in there with a few plants, I'd say go for it :D
  3. yeah thats straight man for a couple plants
  4. If your concerned about odor then you can....Buy a carbon filter or ask the seedbank, if you ordered, which strains carry a low odor.

    Security/Not bragging is also the priority...And be very cautious growing if you have kids there, you can lose custody.

  5. I was thinking scrog also. Thanks, I'll be in action with a grow log & a better camera by the end of february I hope.

    Thanks, I was thinking 3 max.

    I found 2 seeds in an ounce of some headies so since it's my first official grow i'll start with those. If all goes well I'll order thru a seedbank.
    & yeah i know security/not bragging is like the golden rule i'm fine with that.

    Just one more question does that ona bucket really work?

    Anyways thanks guys for the fast replies. & stay tunedd :smoking::cool:
  6. Heeellllll yeah that would work.. youre very lucky actually to have that open for you.. you can grow atleast 10 in there.. i got a walk in closet grow as we speak =) i got 16. you can probably fit more if you do an SOG.. i wouldnt recommend a scrog (if you do 10).. since the closet looks kinda narrow it would be hard to care for themm and getting in there to water etc. etc...but if youre only doing 2 or so then youre ok with the scrog..if you can, why not grow a little more? you can always cure the herb your not blowin longer.. and have some tasty shit.. plus indoors usually is about an oz per plant..if youre not a heavy smoker an oz lasts what about 3 weeks, 4 max? and if you are a heavy smoker, then even less.. might aswell make the 4 month growing process worthwhile.. i mean 2 is cool but if you can you should get more.. thats my opinion.. with a 600 watt hps in there you can grow some decent smoke for yourself.. check out my grow journal its almost the same kinda room as you got.. and as far as the ona bucket thing.. imma do it in the next week or so... ill post it on my journal as soon as i get in there... hope this helped you out man.. goood luck

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