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  1. Ok so i have a closet that is approx 34in wide x34in deep x 9ft high.The closet has a bifold door so there are tons of air leaks.The closet does not have power to it, but to my advantage there is a wire in the bottom corner.The wire goes to a outlet that is at the end of the hallway which also happens to be one of the closet walls.

    For electricity I plan to move the outlet at the end of the hallway to inside the closet.Repair old hole from previous outlet location both inside the closet(where the wire goes to currently connect to the outlet in the hallway)and at the end of the hallway.

    As far as ventilation I was thinking of a carbon scrubber in a back corner of the closet hooked to a vortex style fan pulling the air through the filter and being ducted up into the attic.

    Now here is why I posted this thread.I am curious if the scrubber and exhaust fan will work properly in such a area with all of the air leaks if the scrubber and exhaust fan are rated similar in cfm.

    side notes:
    1.closet will be used for all states of growth veg&flower with a max of 2-3 plants.
    2.plan on keeping it all cfl's for my first grow probably go for 3 x42w (actual) and possibly some 26w or 28w's for side lighting etc.

    any tips or advice would be appreciated just trying to get this closet planned out in a workable design before I give my first grow a go :smoking:
  2. I'd make a frame out of some 1x2's on the inside of closet around the frame of the door... then use some black/white panda sheeting. Recess it a touch so that when you have guests over you can close the bifolds making it look a lil more stealth.
  3. thnx for the input NY.I thought about that then adding one of those stick on light proof zipperdoors.my only concern is air intake for fresh air. I like the idea of the more stealth but I kinda wanna refrain from cutting holes in the wall and was trying to keep it a just the hole in the ceiling for the exhaust.

    The air leaks around the door I thought might be a alternative to getting the closet the fresh air it needs.I would rather be a little less stealthy as the closet will be in my bedroom so it will not be in a so called public area of the house when i have guests over.
  4. You can just create an intake in the panda plastic and use a piece of 6" flex duxt on the inside to create a light trap
  5. Check out my grow closet that has been started in the grow in my sig.
  6. Ty NY, lol so simple i love it problem solved. :hello:You think the air leaks from the door will be sufficent to feed the air intake?

    Nice grow phre4k.I like your use of surge protectors i may have to borrow that for my space.:D
  7. it should be enough as long as your exaust fan is pulling enough cfms the intake will pull air from wherever it can. worse case is just leave the doors slightly cracked. If you set it up with the panda sheeting and fans set up correctly you will see the plastic being pulled in a bit.... thats because of the negative pressure being created... thats what you want

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