Possible Cal/Mag Def?

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  1. I was wondering what you all thought of these marks.... They look like a Cal/Mag deficiency. What should I do?

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  2. First off, your bud looks frosty! Check your ph, then check it again when you flush them out. When you flush them out with just ph balanced water, that washes the playing field (your soild or hydro medium). What is your nutrient schedule and what is your grow setup, lights, soil or hydro, strain of plant, how many plants, and temps. If you give everyone on gc your info it will be quite a bit easier to see what the problem it... Cool.
  3. Check out my journal.
  4. Kinda looks like your ph might be off, if not your N is competing with cal/mg for uptake. Maybe try cal/mg suppliment. Easy on N and a little heavier on P & K. good luck. Let us know
  5. I plan on flushing tonight. I cut the nitrogen nutes way to soon and fought a lockout, when should I start stepping down the nitrogen what week of flower? I plan on flushing in tub again, part of it is a messed up meter so I mixed in to much aluminum sulfate and had no idea until the problems started showing up.
  6. Dont cut off N, Just start using only flowering nutes...they still contain the nitrogen but just less...and more of what you want, P & K. you should use something like 2-8-4.after the 2nd week of flower.

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