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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zero Cool, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. So today me and my friend and like 5 other kids who were all in the 'cool gang' back in the day burned all day and now I have around a dime left. Since today was the first time burning for a few days, my tolerance is down so i got ripped and I ended up saving some bud.Tomorrow at around midnight I'm going on a 10 hour car ride from Jersey to North Carolina with my parents and brother and sister. I'm gonna smoke that dime right before I get into the car and hope some amazing shit happens on the ride down. If there's a computer down at the house I'm going to I'll post any weird shit that happens.:smoking:
  2. you're expectin to see some crazy shit in the car ride there? hahah.. man just blaze before the ride and listen to your ipod (be sure to pack plenty of munchies), or even roll up a j or 2 and blaze those at a rest stop or somethin.
  3. absolutely nothing amazing will happen on the 10-hour car ride with your parents and siblings. You'll be stoned (and bored) for the first 2 hours, then you'll be burnt out for the rest of the ride. You'll probably just fall asleep.
  4. Where are you heading in NC?
  5. trust me bro, your probably not going to see anything amazing. i smoked 3 gram blunt with one friend right before i left to goto virginia beach with the family from western PA. the only cool thing i saw was some guy flying by in a blacked out beemer getting chased by a pig. but other than that really, it was boring. thank god for ipods though.

    BTW. make sure to bring some munchies. thats what i did wrong and i couldnt eat anything for like 8 hours.

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