possible altima alternator issue? help if u can

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  1. So i was drving from phx to tucson last night. about an hour and a half into my drive i notice my brake light AND my battery light come on at the same time. Flashes once or twice, goes off. Ok keep going. Does it again so i pull over. Long story short, got there fine got back tonight fine. But again it came on about an hour into the trip flash go off, flash go off. NEver stayed on for more than 5 seconds. reading up online (cause a. it's xmas day and b. i know nothing about what that could mean) seen people mention that it's nissan's code for a faulty alternator. Does anyone know how true that is? Anything else it could be? I had no issues starting the car, the alternator belt looks fine the terminals look fine, brake fluid is practically full and didn't change since yesterday. Breaking also has no issues, everything's working fine. I engaged my parking brake and took it off as well, but nothing changed.

    Another part that might be relevant to this story. I went to a dealership last week regarding a recall. They said something with emissions and basically it was a computer issue. And then 3 days after i get the car back its doing this? Coincidence? or could they've fucked something up? I'ma call em tomorrow but i do want to at least have an idea what it might be. I'm also gonna swing by autozone and see if they can check if my battery is charging properly.

    Thanks for help guys i appreciate it.
  2. What year is it?
  3. Throw a multimeter on your battery while the car is running. If you have 13.5-14.7 volts your alternator is probably putting out fine.
  4. get an obd2 scanner (or a paper clip) and see what code the ECU is throwing and go from there.

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