possible abuse happening next door

Discussion in 'General' started by duperdutch, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Okay I moved into this apartment complex and I suspect my neighbor is doing some kind of abuse. I'm pretty sure it's happening because I can hear a scream usually accompanied by a few loud bangs on the wall, like someone threw a non-compliant person into a wall. So I'm chilling ripping bowls in silence (nighttime :bongin:) when all of a sudden I can hear some shit going on and I could make out a semi-muffled "Don't hurt me" and some screaming, as well as a few loud bangs on the wall. This happens on a regular basis since I moved in and at first it was annoying but now it is disturbing after what happened today. Maybe I'm just really high but I after all these weird incidents I honestly suspect something fucked up is going on next door, I usually don't give a shit what people do in their houses in their own time but my neighbor is starting to become a problem for me.
  2. You should yell stfu
    They probably think you can't hear them

  3. Lol sometimes I bang on the wall really hard right back at them.
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkHRaFKjZmQ]Horton Hears Domestic Violence - Family Guy - YouTube[/ame]
  5. I wouldn't yell as to not bother other people in the apartment (unless you can without them hearing or you don't give a fuck). If it persists just go knock on the door and be like "can you all be a little more quite?" If they don't go back to the door and be like "you guys are loud as fuck and if that's how you argue then you need to chill the fuck out"

    I wouldn't do anything drastic like call the cops or anything
  6. I think OP's avatar makes that story funny cuz its like tweaked out Tyrone hears it too

  7. I was planning on telling them to stfu the next time I get a chance to, I didn't really plan on reporting them or anything drastic like that. I thought this was fucked up and wanted to talk about it on gc.
  8. Cheer the dude on. He wont know what to think
  9. Scream "can you beat the shit out of her/him a little quieter or at a more reasonable time! Perhaps between the hours of 9 am-7 pm!"
  10. I like how nobody is taking this obvious case of domestic violence seriously at all. I love the internet. :D
  11. Do you know who lives next door?

    Like, are they a couple? Or a family with kids?
  12. Nah fuck that.
    Call the police man, after you hide your shit obviously.
    Domestic violence is bullshit, he can rot in a world with no weed. (just as bad as hell)
  13. Second thread about abusive neighbors in like the past day. It couldn't be a coincidence.

    Its that motherfucking HAARP brainwashing people to beat they're family.:eek:
  14. or the apartment on the other side of this same guy
  15. They're probably just have rough sex, playing rape games and stuff.
  16. But.... It IS funny..

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSe40tX-oTA]Anti-spousal Abuse Ad from 1990s (kid on stairs) - YouTube[/ame]

    But For Real Like... .


    Be like this due.. fucking pro.
  17. Op please call 911 better safe than sorry
  18. Slip a note under the door.

    "Hey thanks for the masturbation material. I love to hear people fighting."
  19. That commercial is fucking hilarious!

    "Where's, where's dinner... What is this? Pizza? Dinner ready is pizza?"

    I would love pizza for dinner... What the fuck is that guy's problem?

    "Get in the fucking kitchen!" :laughing: well there ya go... Even in the 90s they knew women were getting away from their natural habitat and tried to set it straight.

    The way I see it that guy is like one of those people who tries to prevent
  20. Invite her over sometime when the dude is gone
    for some bong rips...Hey..You might just get a BJ for your kindness! ;)

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