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Possibility of home growing.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Newbie Toker, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. I just need to know some of the essentials, I'll write a list of questions and any answers will be very much appreciated.

    - I dont have the space to grow more than 2 feet high, is this a problem? can it be done?
    - How much will setting it up be? (£) cheapest options please ;)
    - what sorta yield would i get from a plant agbout 2 feet high?
  2. My best advise is to read as much as possible in all the grow guides then ask questions that are relevent to your style of grow .[​IMG]
  3. but im just not sure growing n a 2x2 box is worth the effort
  4. better if u 4x4.... u will need hit 12/12 at 12 inches tall, and plant double the size.. so 3 by 4 or something thats more then 2x2...latez...
  5. u can grow in a box 24 inches high and 12 inches wide if u want 2. i am attempting 2 make a box the same size. u can use a 150 walt hps light which costs $35 or a 250 walt hps light which costs $90. also u would want 2 buy a computer fan which is between 10-25$ at radio shack. anotherthing u would need a converter which u plug da computer fan in2 2 make it work. so u would need

    150 walt hps $35 or 250 hps $90
    computer fan $10-25
    converter thing 4 computer fan $20
    wood $??
  6. you cant just buy an HPS bulb, you need the appropriate ballast, capacitor, and ignitor to go with it...
  7. HJ maybe hes buying a kit that has it included. Thats how i'd buy it, i saw some at reno depo. Not too sure about the prices tho.

    for that small i'd just go with 150.


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