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Possession ticket with rec

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ilikesnoopy2, Nov 8, 2010.

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    My friend and I were pulled over halloween weekend in Isla Vista which is close to Santa Barbara (we are both 18) and when the cops asked if there were any drugs or alcohol in the car i said we had marijuana in the trunk. My friend got a ticket for 11357(b) HS Possession of Marijuana (First offense) and I got nothing. We both have our medical reccomendations but he did not have his letter with him.

    Would he be able to fax his letter of reccomendation to the DA/Court and have the case dismissed ? He's freaking out because he doesn't want his mom to find out (he lives in LA). I feel responsible because i was driving so im trying to help him out as much as i can. I'm not worried about the fine, but I am extremely worried that if he's convicted he wont be able to get his drivers license for a year or financial aid for college.

    Any help/advice is appreciated, thanks!

  2. He should speak to a lawyer first and foremost and provide the proof that he has a recommendation and then remember to have it on himself at all times to avoid problems like this in the future
  3. sounds like it should be as simple as going to the court date and providing the correct documentation. if he truly has a rec, and it was issued before the date of the ticket then id think they would drop the charge.

    unless theres a penalty for not having your rec on you, sort of like when you dont have your insurance card on you, you still get a ticket even when you bring your insurance card to court with you. its a BS way for courts to take more of your money really
  4. Remember for next time: marijuana recs are not a guaranteed right to possession. They're called an "affirmative defense" and really only have meaning in a court of law, after you've got your ticket.

    In the future, never admit to having marijuana, let the dumb pigs search your shit and find it. As you can see, it doesn't really make a difference wether or not you admit to it, they can still issue you fines EVEN IF you have a current rec on you.

    Recs are legal protection, not legal liberty. Prohibition still exists.

  5. Yeah I see you point. Only thing is how much cops hate when you lie about having it, they sometimes will be dicks and slap on the obstructing an officer or BS charge.

    But helps when you have medical paperwork in court, talk with lawyer.:)
  6. the DA will look at the case, see he is legally allowed to possess in the state and it will be dismissed

  7. Its hard to do, but you can avoid lying by remaining silent.

    It will piss them off but they can't charge you with obstruction just for remaining silent.

    Clearly, this is not a way to diffuse a situation, but it is a way to give the cop a hard time WHILE retaining all of your rights and protections.
  8. its amazing how quickly people are willing to give their rights away to people of power America doesnt have a disobedience problem, they have an obedience problem they never defend themselves and are afraid to question authority out of fear of retaliation. There is a word for it when the people are afraid to speak out against government out of fear of being killed or jailed.............. land of the free indeed

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