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  1. Early in December I got busted. Here is my story. What advice do yall have about the Paraphanalia charge?

    If this needs to be in interesting stories be my guest.

    We were at a party about 30 mins away from where I used to live before i went to college. My friend had just finished eating with his parents and was pretty drunk but wanted to come out to the party anyways. It seemed like it took him forever to get there and thats because he was so drunk he went 20 mins past one of the turns. Anyways, he got there and he didnt know where the APT was so he ended up parking pretty far away. I dont know why but someone alerted the police about his driving habits. He started to walk around calling us and trying to find the apartment. We finally found him and we went inside the APT. By this time there were threee cops searching the entire APT area for our friend who was driving the jeep. For some reason we decided that we needed to get out of there and that we were gonna go with the friend that brought his jeep but my other friend would drive. We started walking over there and saw some cops looking around the jeep. We decided that it wasnt a good idea and started walking back, then the spotlight appeared.

    From around a corner we saw a searchlight and we could noty hide we were right out in the open near the apartment pool. My stupid drunk friend decided that he should try and run. Needless to saw that didnt work so well, he turned around to start to run and ran into a gutter then ran into me. Before that the cops were just walking towards us but after that they rand and grabbed us. I had to time to ditch what was in my pockets. We were placed up against a fence to be searched. There were three of us and I was the first one. They asked for our IDs and started calling them in while they searched us. They kept asking my friend why he ran. The cop felt something in my left coat pocket so he pulled out my Crown Royal bag that I keep shit in. Good thing my weed wasnt in there, but there was a medicine bottle full of stems, screens, razors, and some papers. He kept searching me and asked me over and over if I had anything, I kept saying no. I had just bought this coat a couple days before for skiing and it has a pocket near the right wrist that is kinda hidden. We had joked about being able to hide weed in there but this was no joke. In that pocket i had a medicine bottle full of weed and a dugout and the wooden case. It was a good amount of stuff and I dont know how the cop missed it over and over. After they found my paraphanalia they cuffed me. Anyways there seemed to be some trouble with our IDS.....

    They asked us if any of us had the last name Gonzales. We said no and then they went up to my drunk friend and asked him why Gonzales was coming up. My friend immediatly realized he had given him his fake ID and said, "Oh I can explain that sir, its a fake ID." They realized he was pretty drunk and asked him if it was his jeep he said it was and they cuffed him for a Minor in Consumption charge. The cops got a real kick out of the ID and were asking him how dumb he was and how he just fucked himself over even more. Anyways they escorted us back to the car where my charges were written out onto a ticket and they talked to us further about how lucky we were. After my charges were put on a ticket they put me in a squad car and started to go to work on my drunk buddy. They ended up only giving him a MIC. They told my sober friend that he was to drive both of us home and that he was really lucky he didnt have anything on him.

    Anyways, both our arraignment dates are later in this month and I have to drive home without my parents knowing to attend this. I guess in retrospect I was REALLY lucky that they didnt find that weed in my pocket. I talked to my brother who said that it shouldnt be much of a problem and when I called to get my court date the clerk assured me that the judge really liked to see young people get these things off their record through community service so I may be in luck. Anyways I guess the lesson of this story is DONT RUN FROM THE FUCKING COPS, AND DONT LET YOUR FRIENDS EITHER.
  2. Well that is some shit. I won't say what you should have done, no point really. I will say that the para. charge shouldn't be much of anything and you probably will either just get fined or community service. Friends don't let friends...
  3. yeah yeah, friends dont let friends drive drunk, well I didnt know he was drunk when he said he was gonna come out to the party it was only after he got their that he told us that.
  4. Oh that sucks.

    So who called the cops anyway, some concerned neighbor?
  5. Hey whats up! im the drunk friend in this story. all i can say is whooops! what the fuck was i thinking? i look back on this and can say that we were all very lucky to get off the way we did. but there were some very bad choices made, mostly on my part...duh! in retrospect on this and past occasions i can difinitvly say that alcohol is a dumb drug folks, it makes you do dumb shit, and can bring out the worst in people. i made some bad choices, and because of them, i dragged my friends into something they may have not had to experience. so in the future it will probably be a bong in my hand, not a bottle of whiskey. dont cloud your judgment with misconceptions, assumtions, and ideals that will eventually leave you on thin ice. alcohol gets you in the deep end of the before you know it. stick with pot. and dont get caught.
  6. i dont drink because ill be an alcoholic

    so i get stoned more now, like now. And guess what i had cold pizza for the first time i can remember and it was awesome. MM weed makes the world good.
    Shrimp pizza incase you were wondering.

  7. I drink because I'm an alcoholic.. ^_^
  8. I'd just take the drug paraphanelia charge and let it go, a D.P. isn't really a big deal. If you decided to take it to court, you wouldn't win.
  9. Ok well last friday my friend and I had our court dates. We both choose differed judification for 6 months. That will be just like unsupervised probation, except if we get in trouble for anything, like even a traffic ticket we are fucked. I also got a drug awarness class I have to take, any suggestions? I have no clue what it consists of. Also got a $252 fine. My friend got 32 hours community service and an alcohol awareness class. Texas pot laws suck
  10. That sucks dude, youre friend was pretty ridiculous to drink and drive man, glad you didnt get in too much shit

  11. Actually that isn't entirely true. If the search was illegal, then they would have to throw away the paraphanalia as evidence. If the search went like you said and he just padded you down then grabbed the bag from your pocket, then it was an illegal search. If he pads you down and feels -anything- that isn't a weapon, then they arent allowed to just search you without your consent. And if he never even asked you to empty your pockets and just grabbed, then that is definately an illegal search. If you hired a lawyer and payed him to litigate, you could win this. Not to mention the fact if you have a lawyer do all the paper work and send all the forms at the court to try the case, they will often just drop the charge due to it being a misdemeanor and small charge.

    You do have to pay extra to get a lawyer to actually litigate, if you have the lawyer just organize a deal with the court then it costs less. Don't think you are just going to get off, around here they have catching a lot of people and no one is getting off. I know two seperate people (lawyer-less) who got 2 years probation, drug classes, & community service just for having a bowl on them.

    Your situation really sucks, Ive been in it and will try my best to help out anyone in a similar one. I hate seeing people get busted and hope your situation works out.
  12. thats not true, if they pat you down and feel ANYTHING illegal they then have probable cause right there to actually search you.
  13. if they feel anything illegal!??

    hahaha, please explain.

    "hmm... this square shape feels illegal. and whats this?? Round!! must be illegal."
  14. uhm if they feel a bag which they think contains a drug etc then they can search you.

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