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Possession in a Car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by claudio, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    So I got arrested today. I met these two people today who I didn't know prior to this incident, and they needed bud. So my friend said he could hook them up with some. So we drove to our friend's house who sells it and they followed us. The person selling the weed doesn't sell to people who aren't friends of his, so my friend told the other two to park on the side of the road while we take care of business. While I was there, I didn't even see the transaction go down -- I was talking to another one of my friends who happened to be there. My friend picked up the bag (it was less than a half oz). Then we noticed that a cop was talking to the other two, and (unsurprisingly) got a little nervous.

    We drove past them, attempting to act natural, but the cop waved us down and began questioning. Apparently the other two said they were "waiting for us." Anyway, long story short, the cop got my consent to search the car and arrested all of us. The other two had another bag on them.


    I have a court date on the 27th. I explained to the cops that the marijuana was NOT mine, and that I had absolutely nothing to do with the deal. As it stands, I have a $1000 fine. I REALLY can't afford to get charged with a misdemeanor because I'm in college right now and just can't be fucked over for something this ridiculous. My record is flawless, I've never even had a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to afford a lawyer. So, how does it look? What should I do? What should I avoid? Does it look like I'll be convicted? It seems to me that I've known people who had much heftier violations but didn't end up getting charged with a misdemeanor/felony.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. you consented? get a lawyer seriously.
  3. You screwed up big time dude....

    You consented to the search, thats RULE NUMBER 1 of what not to do.

    Get a public defender. Good luck.
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    **YOU NEED TO CONSULT A LAWYER for best information anything I provide you is from my own personal research and experience. Secondly, I live in Ohio so depending where you live your experience might be slightly different.

    If the officer wrote you a ticket there really is no way for you to talk your way out of it in court. Posession of Marijuana is typically a law that says if you: "possess, cultivate, or are knowingly in possession." Which they can basically transfer that you went with your friend to hook them up and therefor you're involved.

    You're lucky you didn't get charge with trafficking.

    Here are a couple of things in determining your sentence
    -Prior record
    -If your state has a "First Offenders" program or equivalent.
    -The particular judge's stance (Conservative or Liberal)

    Here is how my personal experience went;

    1.) Was given a ticket for possession.. Long story, but somewhat similar to yours.
    2.) Had an arraignment in which I pled Not Guilty, pre-trial date was set up.
    3.) At my pretrial I met with the City Prosecutor and he informed me I was in fact eligible for a first offenders program cause my record was clean. Told me to stop being stupid and lets not hear from me again.
    4.) was sentenced to roughly 2 months of probation, I had to go to 'rehab' (The State sent me to an AA meeting.. Yeah they're really on top of their game.) I had to pay 150 in court fees, $100 dollars to enter the first offenders program, $120 for the rehab, and about $150 dollars at the summation of my probation. Probation requires random drug testing-- YES they do test you, and YES you will fail the test even if you take the kit.. So don't even fuck with that.

    Once again, this was my particular experience, yours may vary and most likely will depending where you live.. Good luck man, and once again you should really consult a lawyer cause I didn't and let me tell you its a scary process to go through if you're never quite sure what might happen.. All I had was my own research.

    Good luck, hope this helped.

  5. Not Quilty?

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