Possession Charge In Iowa :/

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    Yesterday me and my two other buddies decided to smoke a j. I'm 18, one friend is also 18 and the other one was 16. I was the driver and one of them bought a gram and we parked at a closed park. (It was 12am and the park closed at 11pm) As we started smoking, a cop passed by and he saw us toss the two joints. He searched and found them and I confessed. One of my buddies got let off because someone had to drive the car. The other one was underage (16) and charged.
    We both got arrested. (me and my 16yr old friend) They released me without bond because I promised I would appear in court. (AKA release on recognizance) My court date is June 27th so I have over 2 weeks. This is my first charge. My record is clean other than a speeding ticket that I paid off in March.
    What will they do and what should I plead? Can I get away without my parents knowing?

  2. youre fucked have fun in prison
  3. Are you being honest lol?
    I'm freaking out over this.
  4. You're parents are going to find out, you are so fucked. Your name will be in the paper so everyone who knows your parents will know.
    The whole town will know.
    I don't know whether you're trolling or not.
    It's a misdemeanor.
  6. I don't understand why you guys thought it would be a good idea to smoke in a park after hours.
    Did you get a trespassing charge also? If not, count your blessings. You'll probably be put into a diversion program and on probation. Pay your fines, don't fuck up during probation, and the charge will probably disappear.
  7. Dependant upon the charges, you may want to seek consultation with a lawyer.
    Did they charge you with distribution to a minor? = mandatory sentencing.
    Your post is edited, are you a minor (it actually could be a lot better if you are).
    Simple possession is a misdomeaner, you may qualify for this: :smoke:
    \tConditional ReleaseThe state allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions. Usually, conditional release lets a person opt for probation rather than trial. After successfully completing probation, the individual's criminal record does not reflect the charge.
  8. I think they are trolling you haha.
    All I can say is look up the laws and don't take anybody's answer on here for granted. The laws for your state/city are all online. You can read them and know what to expect. And maybe get a lawyer if Iowa is strict on bud.
  9. I live in Iowa.
    Not sure if you are in a bigger town or a small town.. But small towns in Iowa have local newspapers that show somewhere who got arrested. Someone could see that you got arrested and it's that easy for the word to spread. More than likely your parents  are going to find out. 
    As for going to jail... I'm not sure how it is like these days. When I got in trouble it was over 10 years ago, and I went to jail for a night, then had a probation officer for 6 months.. 
    All I got was a possession charge.
    Can they still charge me for trespassing?
  11. you're 18, you're an adult, they have no need to contact your parents. 
    You'll probably get a fine and community service.
    The hardest part will be hiding all the time you spend doing community service.
    have fun.
    I really hope so.
    Not after the fact, no. You would've received a trespass charge at the same time you received your ticket for possession.
    Everybody goes through shit like this when younger. Don't freak out. Just be respectful in court, pay your fines/do your community service, and abide by the terms of your probation 100%, even if it means you gotta stop smoking for a bit. Everything will be good.
    I hope they don't put me on probation. I'd rather just pay a fine.
    I'm attempting to do this all on my own. So I wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer. So what about a public defender?
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    Public defender will be fine. They're not going to send you to jail for your first possession charge. You already got arrested.
    But you will be put on probation. You can count on that. Just the way the system works.
    Do you think I can get this out of the way without my parents knowing?
  17. yeah, probation is inevitable. I was put on probation for 6 months for my charge
  18. assuming your parents don't open your mail :/
    I don't know if they'll have anything to send you, but it happens occasionally.
    you'll probably be fine though
    Well I'll check it with my life.
    Hopefully they don't put me on probation. I'd rather just pay a fine. :/
  20. Still freaking out over this.
    Feels like my life is over.

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