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  1. So recently I was pulled over for not having my headlights on in Hammond, Indiana. As the cop comes to my door he asks have I been smoking marijuana cause my car smells like it. I stated no I haven't. But wholetime I have an 8th on me, and its some dank man. so I drop it and my girl manages to put majority of it into her shoe. cop then comes back saying step out. he cuffs me and puts me in his car and both officers are searching real hard for it. my girl is just on the side on the sidewalk. I'm guessing they found like little nug or so under her seat and comes back and tells me whos is it mines or my girls. I play dumb and pretend its not mines or my grils and say I didn't know that was there because previously when the cop asked why my car stank I said I smoked earlier with my friends and my girl surprisingly also told them she didn't know it was there. anyways they take me to the HPD and once we get there they do the process thing, typing shit up and then they fingerprint me and I'm bonded $500 out by my mom. as I get home and see my ticket it says failure to have headlights on. and my warnings say failure to have headlights after sunset and no seatbelt. NOWHERE IS ANYTHING MENTIONED ABOUT WEED. on either paper! did they not charge me? I'm 18. But I was keeping it sooo cool with them and speaking respectfully and asking them conversatable questions. I was also pretending to be scared so they could see the guilt in my eyes and feel bad for me. maybe it worked maybe it didn't? they also said id receive my court stuff in the mail. my first time being arrested also. and having marry on you is a misdemeanor here. did they let me slide? I'm confused. Didn't read me my Miranda rights either lol
  2. They had sex with your girl and all called it a day. You got off lucky man.
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