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  1. would it be possable for em to grow an outdoor strain on my window sill its in sunlight for most of the day?
  2. depends man, how much light do you get in that window, cause once you get on your 12/12 cycle it might be but you need alot of light to fal in that window
  3. unless its a window sill in a green house, i dont think it will work.
  4. I've heard of it being possible under good conditions but the results won't be near the same as if you'd just found a spot for it outside, or built an all indoor setup.
  5. It gets light nearly all day as its southfacing i thought a hardy outdoor strain might work?. Any recomendations?. cant growoutsode as people next door are a bit dodgy and parents wouldnt let me and inside it will be 2 obvious what im up 2. can prob get away with a couple in window as curtains can be kept closed and i can jsut tell them its a normal plant.
  6. No this never works. Fully outdoor or use lights indoor.
  7. yea i wouldnt do it.
    i say wait until you can actually do a grow with your parents OK

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