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  1. Spread some today, spread some everyday!

    It's pretty much one of the only things I live for and I think it is very important. I love making people happy. I also love hearing other people laugh it just puts a smile on my face. I don't know what it is but my "soul" just loves all that stuff. I see a lot of negativity and stress in my everyday life so I try my best to counter that because positivity is a lot more powerful then negativity. One person can be having a horrible day and then one good thing can make all the difference.

    My job is extremely fun to do this in, working with children I think their kind hearted spirits have rubbed off on me. So I urge everyone to spread more positivity around, it's free and it's not very hard to do. All you have to do is smile at people, smile more it's great. Help someone out, do a good deed just do something nice for a fellow human being. Always use manners whether or not the person acknowledges it, just do it. Just be a nice person in general I know this is kind of common knowledge but I don't see it enough.

    I have noticed that from just me spreading positivity that I now have a kind of aura around me. When I deal with the same people on daily basis my aura comes into effect, when I enter the room I can feel the goodness.

    Now get out there and do it! :D

    Have a great day everyone
  2. My mission In life is to spread positivity.

  3. Good man!
  4. Good post man! You're right, we should smile more and just be nice to people even if they don't acknowledge it. Just remember the saying, kill them with kindness!
  5. Despair is inevitable, it spreads across the population in the form of a plague, an insensible one. You can tell the look in some people's eyes; you can see the waves of hopelessness wash over them, drowning them slowly until a machine is left.
    This is true perfection of the human race, the universe as it should be seen - a void as empty as the lives we live.
  6. I don't know, I just think positivity is overrated.
  7. we can hear your words sam, but you sound so positive about what you are saying.....:hello:

  8. insensible?...in this case is it anything like insensitive? a lack of senses,

    or a lack of sense? let us see:

    1. sense?
    4. sents?..

    i counted four...no lack there!...but wait...

    aren't there FIVE senses?

    yes, yes...here it is...

    5. scents

    there they are, the five senses....

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