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  1. I wanted to point this out long ago but held back because I didn't want to be called vain, but it always irked me, so fk it, here it is:

    Shouldn't the numbers under the avatar in each post reflect the total of "positive ratings received" instead of just Likes?

    If you already decided to diversify ways in which users can interact with each other's posts, then that should be reflected in the abbreviated positive reflection summary under their avatars.
    "Likes" are no longer the only way members can receive positive feedback from other members, so the number displayed should be total positive responses (likes, agrees, winners, (good)funnies).

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  2. That is the way it's set up.
    Disagree=neutral rating
    All others=positive rating
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  3. Here's my profile so you can see for yourself :)

  4. originally the site had reputation, and you could +rep some one then after a software update it became likes only. then another update later on and it's this now. in general likes and stuff are just for fun on the site and not really a good representation of the quality of the poster. they are basically whose line points.
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    Not sure if we're talking past one another.

    I meant the number of likes below the Avatar should not be the only thing displayed. It should be Likes, Winners, Agrees, and maybe funnies. As it stands right now, it only displays the likes.



    By these lists. I have 1211 Positive ratings, but I only display my 778 Likes. My Agrees/Winners/Funnies are not displayed. The statistic that should be displayed below the avatar in each post should be Positive Ratings Received, not Likes.

    Again, this is vain as fuck, but I think if we're going to display how much "agreement" a member has received, we should count all the ratings he or she received that count as agreement. Not just Likes, as they are only one form of agreement on here.
  6. The internet has no place for vanity.
  7. Ah... sorry, the confusion was due to me never using the forum on PC, only mobile. I agree completely now that I understand haha.
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  8. The Like system and the Rating system are separate entities for the most part. Even when I check stats on the back end, I have the option of looking at Likes and the option of looking at Ratings. Ratings are all of the other ones such as Agree, Disagree, Winner and so on. That is why they are not displayed under the avatar.
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    Do you see though how they are specifically not separate entities?

    To demonstrate:

    In the past, let's say you make a comment I find valuable in some way, or I agree with it. I would then choose the only option available to me, a LIKE, to display that. The amount of LIKES, meaning positive interactions with a member, would then be counted below the Avatar that is displayed on each forum post. Makes sense so far.

    Now however, with the "ratings" system, let's say you made a comment I actually liked or agreed with, but instead of choosing "LIKE" , I chose AGREE, or WINNER. That interaction will not be counted under the Avatar at all, since it still only continues to display Likes and nothing else. The additional ways of "liking" someone's post are completely left out of that counter and display.

    As it stands right now, a member with 1002 posts could get a thousand WINNER' s and 2 Likes , and His Avatar would read 1002 posts, only 2 Likes. Nothing else.
    Should the WINNERs and AGREEs not be reflected as well?
    It seems to me displaying the "Positive Ratings Received" stat is a more accurate way of displaying a member's level of agreeable involvement, than only sticking to Likes, since Likes are not the only thing distributed anymore.
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  10. I agree with what you are saying and totally get it. It makes sense. However, it just so happens that due to the fact that they are separate within the system, it doesn't work that way. Can it ever? I don't know. That's not my circus and definitely not my monkey. I wasn't in on the addition of the ratings system to even consider this flawed outcome.
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  11. Sorry for the late response. I have been traveling a good bit.

    Would it not be possible/plausible to simply have the counter under the avatar point to the "Positive Ratings Received" counter, rather than the Likes counter?

    What I mean is, we already have the statistic that needs to be listed (Positive Ratings Received) counted. It's just only displayed in the profile with all the other ratings.
    Can that counter not be linked to the avatar counter, the way the Likes counter is currently linked?

    I.T. was never my bag, but I'm guessing making it point from existing stat A to existing stat B should not be too complex.

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  12. I moved this to a more appropriate forum (that Tech is in charge of) as this has taken a different turn.

    I have an issue with using just the Rating System only for that because I know some members will only use Likes still. I typically do. I tried it out in the beginning but now I really only use Likes. If it could combine them all, that would be something different. To trade one for the other would not be a good resolution. Figuring out how to combine them all would be, though.
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  13. Plus rep ••••••••••• here's your bright green bar
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    Thanks for the move to a more appropriate area.

    I too would have been perfectly fine with just keeping the Likes system. I had no issues with it. The Likes counter under the Avatar had much more legitimacy when Likes were the only positive way to respond, because it would actually count all the positive responses received. Makes perfect count-and-display sense.

    Thing is, we didn't keep it to just Likes, and Winners/Agrees/Friendlies/Funnies were introduced, therefore a large number of what would have been a Like in the past, and counted under the avatar, now gets ignored there because of the use of those other ratings.

    As mentioned, it seems more logical that because the additional positive ratings have been introduced, the counter that shows under the avatar should reflect that as well. As it stands right now, the "Positive Ratings Received" counter (which already exists) seems to be the more applicable and encompassing counter that should show under the prominent avatar location. The Likes counter simply no longer encompasses all positive feedback adequately.


    The fact that some members will still choose to mostly stick to "Like" when expressing their positive reactions to posts, does not negate the fact that many others do use the other ratings frequently.
    It only seems logical that they should all be reflected under the avatar. Whether it's just a number, like currently, or the full Positive Ratings Bar, is up to the devs.


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