Positive effects of marijuana

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  1. I just want to dedicate a thread to the positive effects that you gain from marijuana, be that mental or physical.

    Every time I get high I marvel at how weed is such a miracle drug, it enhances literally everything, your mood, the way you view the world, your hearing, sight, touch, taste, motivation, your aggression, and your state of mind. And these are just a few.

    The main thing I notice for me about weed is that it makes me more motivated, respectful (especially of my elders) and more friendly.

    By motivated I mean I'm more willing to do my daily chores before I relax and enjoy myself. I'm more likely to walk by my bathroom and see that it's dirty and just clean it for the hell of it because I'm blazed. Work seems to go by faster, you tend to spend more time doing a through job (sometimes it can take too long though lol).

    Respectful of my elders meaning I tend to care, listen and respect them more. Instead of maybe ignoring or being disinterested in what my (mom) has to say I tend to take her words to heart more and be more open minded to what she has to say. I'm also a pretty distance person from my parents when I'm sober, but when I'm high I want to respect them and make them happy because it just seems like the right thing to do.

    And finally friendly. It makes you want to meet people more, get on a deeper level with them, respect their opinions and just make friendships.

    These are just a few of the positive effects I've gotten from it, and these are only mental.

    I'm sure you guys have personal reasons as well why marijuana has such a positive effect on you.
  2. I have alot of the same feelings about MJ.

    Plus I have severe chronic pain from several disabilities.MJ allows me a much better range of function then the freakin' narcotics the Dr.s try to prescribe.It
    alsodoes not destroy my internal organs like the narcotics:smoke::smoke:
  3. I agree full heartedly with all of the original posters comments.
  4. for me it depends on the weed. if im smoking dro i get in a great fucking mood and become a chater box, if i smoke schwag i ususly get lazy as fuck and get paranoid around other people

  5. As far as the long term treatment of chronic pain goes I cannot think of anything better than marijuana

    Thank you sir :smoke:
  6. Man, you just hit my love for weed right on the spot!

    Everything you said can be relate-able to many of us. :cool::metal:
  7. I love how it comes from just a plant and has so medicinal benefits that it forces the pharmacuetical companies to keep pumping money into anti-weed campaigns.
  8. makes me think outside of the box. :wave:

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