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Positions anyone?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by UNAB0MB3R, May 21, 2012.

  1. So i'm getting fairly bored with my current choice of positions. (Missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl.) What are your favorite positions? I need some new stuff to try.
  2. Lazy dog.

    Idk what it's called,but having a girl in missionary,but she lifts her legs up and puts her feet over your shoulders.

    I find it really effective cause you can hold yourself over her and drop your dick in real deep.

    Every girl I've been with loves it.
  3. its called vagina bawlz..
    u stick ur bawlz in her vagina
  4. Ah yeah, I just considered that part of missionary haha.
  5. Fuckin' a chick up against a wall
  6. The wheelbarrow

    Face down ass up

    The butterfly
  7. :wave:
  8. tell her to suck your dick while youre fuckin that ass
  9. eiffel tower

    google it

    actually i gotta say, cowgirl is my favorite. because i'm lazy as hell and i can see her ass/tits bounce.
  10. Deep impact
    penetrate deep inside of her. Have her lie on her back with her legs hanging all the way off the edge of the bed. Have her wrap them around your waist or hips as you enter her, pull her slightly forward and allow gravity to take over while you thrust into her. The woman may also pull her legs up towards her chest or rest them on the mans shoulders, like she would for deep missionary, for even deeper penetration.
  11. Girl laying on her stomach
    Legs together
    Tear from back

    That's my shit ^

    Also like the shower scene
  12. Both legs on one shoulder.

    She lays on her side with her legs out the the side she she look like a capital " L " and then get on your knees and fuck her from the side so that you're leaning over her.

    Have her lay on her side and put one leg on your shoulder. The other leg can be between your legs our out to the side. And you can use her hips and leg to pull yourself deeper into her.

    Side by side (spooing).
  13. I'm old school. Reverse cowgirl is awesome.
  14. Up against the wall, have her wrap her legs around you.

    Or up against a couch, its easier because you can stay on your knees and she can still wrap her legs around you.
  15. against a wall, standing doggy, this strange one where the girl kinda leans back on her hands it would need a demonstration. there's a shit ton of sites with some neat looking positions too, man
  16. ^ Well give us a demonstration
  17. [quote name='"Dissec"']^ Well give us a demonstration[/quote]

    all of you?

  18. prove it

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