Posible MG Deficiency?

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    Hey guys... sorry i have no pictures but im hacing this problem rapidly spreding. So currently its only on three leaves of my plant, she is rather small, just growing her 4th prime leave set, But i started to see some yellowing and now its starting to get brown spots on the leaves. and its getting worse... it looks like pictures of MG Deficiency but i cant really affort the product to fix it. Anyways... my PH is about 5.8-6.3 and im useing a 600w MH light with 3 parts soil, 2 parts perlite. Im not sure whats wrong... Any imput is greatly apresheated. Cheers

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  2. Flush with Epsom Salts, 2 teaspoons to a gallon of air temp. water, then foilar spray 2x times day, with 2% to Ph neutral water, consider changing the soil later when you can afford it.

    I once had this years ago, much worse than this, is fun to watch her recover in about a week or two, starting at the top and going very green down to the trunk.
    Credit to you for not burning this babe with such a big light...lol

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    Ok, i understand the flushing with epsom salts... but what is 2% to ph natural water? also foliar spray it during lights off, correct? Oh, and thanks, haha, i got 3 fans on it since its such a small box.
    EDIT: So i jjust flushed my plants with 1 TBS of Epsom salt mixed into 1 gallon on room temp water. What so i need to do with foliar spray?
  4. As your plant is recovering from the flush, you don't want to stress it further by shining the light too directly, as the plant recovers from the flush, pull back the light, let it rest for a day, and foilar feed with a dilute solution of Magnesium Sulfate (EP). As it's only 2% EP to your folar spray bottle you have no fear of burning those leaves. simple and correct procedure for nute poisoning with Mg deficiency, Google it

  5. allright! thanks so much +rep
  6. ((bump)) So after the flush and everything... the lower leaves seem to be still dieing... but the top leaves are nice and big and green and growing big and fast... can i just trim off all the lower leaves?
  7. honestly the best thing you can do for this plant is to get it out of that soil. transplant that baby into some nice soil.. if you cannot mend together your own organic soil i would suggest picking up a bag of FFOF fox farms ocean forest its $20 bucks a bag and your plant will be happy as can be!
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  9. Also im still wondering... can i just trim off the lower, yellowing and dying leaves?
  10. [quote name='"Younggungrower"']Also im still wondering... can i just trim off the lower, yellowing and dying leaves?[/quote]

    I'm no expert gardener(I'm actually on my first plant), so you don't need to listen to me. I would like to read a reply from an expert about that though.

    The way i see it..
    If plants store energy and nutrients in their leaves, wouldn't you want to milk it for all its got, rather than trim whatever nutrients are still in there? It's going to fall off naturally anyways, yeah?
  11. (bump) so i got afew more pictures, after trimming the dead leaves . im curious about my soil... some people say i should get different soil and im wondering why if anyone knows. But what im really wondering about is, my main plant is about 3 weeks to a month old (not keeping track) and its under the big 600w MH... does it look small for its age to anyone else? lol. my buddy has his plants under a 250w and they are at 2-3 weeks and bigger than mine. The side pic is just a small auto then i threw in.

    Cheers Chris

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  12. well... after giving them what they needed, which was MG i belive... they continued to yellow and die and brown... and yes, plants hold nutes in leaves, but to trim those od ones off, should give the plant more energy towards the good, growing healthy part.
  13. The last photo reminds me of the mars rover, are you on your first grow? please go to my blog and have a read in my library.
    if you are broke I can recommend: Marijuana Buds for Less.

    That lite should be a 23w CFL cool white the pot should be a 4 incher, and your soil at this stage just your average local seedling mix, No Nutes.

    Good Luck
  14. Yeah its my first grow... Ill read your blog. Are you saying my 600w MH light should be a 23w CFL? LOL. About the pot size... I allways got told to put em in the biggest pot first... is there a specific reason it should be in a 4 inch pot? The soil i have right now is, Mirical Grow Organic Mix... with super low ammouns of food in it. 0.5 and 0.10 of somthing... i dont have the bag, so im not syre the exact chart.
  15. The best method is to grow from seedling mix, in 4" pots then 2-3 weeks after transplant to a 3 gallon pot, for 3 months, or as a rough average 1 gallon pot for 1 month of growth,
    a 4" pot is used to get them out of seedling stage in prep for the veg stage, by consolidating the root ball, I always do sexing at the 4" pot stage if growing from seed, but not always.
    Soil in my 4" pots is 50% seedling mix and very little nute, most guys have 100% seedling mix, some have 100% potting mix, that exposes them to nute burn....as in your case.
    With any plants that are sick it's best not to have the light shining right on, that way you are forcing the plant to photosynthesize, or run her little motor when the fuel is bad, ending up with a screwed up plant....pull back the light, flush the plant, let her recover 2-3 days then introduce the light at 1/2 strength, then 100% in a week .

    Flushing is grossly underrated, many growers have never heard of it, until it's too late
    I do mine once a month, by pouring air temp. water 3 times the volume of the pot, it removes all toxic nutes...and ALL good nutes too, but hey I'm the grower thats my job.

  16. Thanks V... After alot of research... Tommorow, im going to be transplanting the plants into coco then feed them once with 20-20-20. That should fix the nute lockout and its a better medium anyways...
  17. Finally got ahold of a legit camera! Enjoy ^_^ Any advise is great!

    Cheers, Chris

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