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  1. So right now Mt. Dew and Doritos are running some special where you get codes off their marked products and redeem them online for 15 minutes of mw3 double exp. I'm not gonna bother going and buying these things because I hate Doritos and why buy Mountain Dew when I can buy cream soda instead?

    If any of you guys get any codes that you don't plan on using, PM me them and I will posi you for the favor.
  2. It's an absolutely disgusting display of the money-grabbing people at Activism.
  3. Moar money moar bithes.
  4. Huh? What do you mean? It's just a promotion.. nothing unusual that I'm aware of

  5. HAHAHAHA ignorance is bliss.

    Buying mt dew and doritos for double xp? what fucking stat whores. ROFL! why dont they just sell ranks? be easyier for players to reach the "leaderboards" and more money for activision.

    but we know whos the winner, BF3.
  6. Er, I'm not buying it for double xp.. I'm offering posi for double exp. I'm not gonna pay money for it. And I think the double exp is just a thing since it launched, since there are a few ways to get it for free...

    And has nothing to do with this thread o_O.. You adding that part makes it sound like you're a BF3 fanboy downing CoD simply because it isn't BF3.. And if you gave a shit about companies acting sketchy and only caring about money, you'd have more to say about EA than Activision...

  7. Activision is al about the money, when they made MW2, errr i mean MW3, they didnt change anything, i could have made them the same maps, and re-model the guns along with textures. Bf3 is better, whats the point of double xp? wtf is "posi" ? mw3 is only more popular b/c its called "call of duty: Modern warfare 3" call of dudy and MW. just die hard fans that cant transition to real simulation fighting.
  8. Every company is "in it for the money", what else is the point of making products we don't actually need? What's a video game? It's a few hours of virtual reality that we pay $70 for.

    What about bottled water? We're actually paying for something that was here before us.
  9. I know Activision is all about the money.. I really don't like Activision, but they're saints compared to EA. EA is the shittiest fucking company on the scene. If I could shit on their CEO, I would. The main reason I'm not fucking with BF3 is out of principle 'cause my issues with EA.

    Why are you coming into this thread and derailing it with the cliched arguments? It's been detailed over and over and I've explained countless times that there are significant differences between MW2/3. If you don't think so, that's fine, but don't try to run your opinion down my goddamn throat. Nobody was even talking about BF3... And it's more popular because people like it and enjoy it. Lrn2accept

    BF3 is not "real life fighting simulation" haha. A real life fighting simulation would result in almost any shot resulting in death >.>', whereas snipers on there aren't even one shot. I understand that though because it's more balanced thus funner that way. It's not about realism all the time... And while I like both types of gameplay, I prefer the arcadey style over super realistic. But go ahead and tell me I'm wrong for that and suck BF3s dick a little further down your throat..

    And posi means positive rep
  10. They should give quad experience for spinach and carrots.
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    why the hate for MW3? D: I understand it's not revolutionary, I know it is generally the same game with different guns, maps and slightly tweaked gameplay/maps. IDC. I buy about 6 video games a year, and COD is something I can go back to the entire year because it is fun and enjoyable. How different do you think the new counter strike coming out in about a few months is going to be? D: Same maps and guns since 1998. Hell same graphics engine since 2004 :eek:

    Think of it more like you do madden 12 or fifa 12 and you'll see it differently. If you think of it like skyrim or ME3 of course its gonna suck :p
  12. Yeah, I think people are just approaching it wrong. It's really built on a foundation that you either change drastically and people will complain that it sucks or you leave most of it the same and people complain that it's too similar.

    I personally feel like it has enough shit to be happy with.. But hey, I've never owned a CoD before and only played them at friends houses (extensively though) or borrowed them. One of the best parts of the game for me is the fact it has a huge community. The fact that it's the popular CoD online right now alone adds a lot of value to it I think.. But I care about shit like community size a lot so maybe other people don't agree

    The more people online and competing on leaderboards the better.
  13. 15 mins is a joke.
  14. 15 mins? That's literally one game of demolition...
  15. Bahahaha +1

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA61Ej70nsg]Fat Kid Screaming Over Black Ops - YouTube[/ame]

    This kid is going to have a heart attack from this horrible display at activism. Putting together unhealthy foods and a lifestyle devoid of exercise should result in parents not buying their kids these games, but parents just don't seem to care anymore about the health of their kids.

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