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posession of marijuana...hoy i got busted

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. well, on the drive from home today, i was going about as fast as i do any other day. the tunes were good, the engine was humming and the wind was blowing a nice 71 degree south easterly crosswind. where did i go wrong? 5 mins before i had just glanced into the rearview window before, switchin lanes aggresively, with no worries that my eibach suspension kit would fail. i continued on, downshifting when needed, upshifting to tear past anyone who was coming in my lane. upon approach of the MM tunnel, i glanced into the rearview again. whats this? flashin blue lights? holy shit :eek: im dirty! ive got a bowl, and about a dimes bag worth of weed and im high, was speeding and my inspection sticker is off by a month. not good.

    the officer was so good, he had me and a civic lined up. he came to me first, "Drivers license and registration" sure officer, hands shaken, i gave him my license, but for the life of me i could not find my registration. he got the driver of the civics info, returned to me asked for registration again. i responded "I have it here somewhere sir" he told me he would return. not good.

    he got out of his vehicle after 10 mins, returning to the honda, handing some paper work, and the honda was off. i got pulled first. not good.

    so, the officer returns. "Do you have youre registration?" this time i was prepared "Here you go sir, whats the problem :)" he responds, "You were going 85 in a 55 where you going?" i kinda looked at him, wondering, its 4:30 in the afternoon, where the hell do you think im going? i responded to him,"Um home, Oh i was going that fast?" he kinda looks at me and was answered my question as he measured my tint on my window "Yeah. Ill be right back." not good.

    so i sit in my vehicle. by this time ive worked myself up to im going to jail this is the second time this has happened. hold up, the first time was 6 years ago. i cant be in trouble again. he comes back. "Can I have you step out of the vehicle" here we go. not good. "Do you mind if i pat your person down, its for my protection?" go ahead sir. he felt the bowl in my cargo pocket. he didnt slam me down, he didnt do anything but ask me one simple question "do you have weed on you sir?" I just looked at him, didnt offer any type of resistance or excuse, I gave him my bowl and the weed. he took it, i thought he was going to put the cuffs on me, instead he kinda lectured me on how he didnt care that i smoked weed, well he did care, but i should do it home. going 85 is very noticeable. i kinda looked at him and was like yeah i know. he asked if i had anything else in my car, i told him no, feel free to rip it apart. i went and had a sit in his vehicle because he told me to. i sat there listened to the police radio while he did a thorough search of my vehicle and personal items. of course he came up empty handed. he came back to the vehicle. and he said "Yeah im just going to right these tickets and you can go on your way." thats all i wanted to hear, "you can go on your way" ah it was like, i cant describe it, im just glad i didnt get arrested because they do over such a small amount in my state. he then said some smart as comment about "it will kill you" i had to throw a cheap one in about "yeah you will never catch me in a dui, i dont drink" he didnt have too much to say about it.

    i took this thing so well, because well, it was all my fault. the officer who had to charge me with posession of marijuana was a cool fellow. he admitted he didnt "care" which meant to me, he prolly thinks mj laws are stupid, he gave me some legal pointers, which i thought were nice, and i went about my way.

    of course i have to lawyer up, i cant be charged with mj, sorry, i guess the story will go, it was my buddys, i didnt want any problems with the officer, i fully cooperated i original thought to hide it, but they are professionals and would bring out heavy artillery if neccessary.
  2. Haha, man Naughty... You were one of the smartest persons here! I cant believe you got busted. You and your fuggin Golf! Basturd I want your car!

    Anyway man good luck with all that stuff...
  3. thanx guys :) not that smart to take the risk i did lol, i figured law of averages, it was my turn to get pulled. i honestly didnt know i was going 85, i was too busy lookin to not get caught, anyways lesson learned. like i said, i cant fault anyone but myself, and im glad i didnt go to jail, all in all, i can suck it up. other dude who got busted, all his shit sux. mines going to cost me, but like i said, i think i can weasel out.
  4. Sounds like the cop was at least half cool about it, and that alone probably saved you from an arrest.

    I never travel anywhere with pipes or buds...
    I just see so many stories of people gettin busted and knew people that did, that it's made me ultra-paranoid.

    The only time I ever take bud with me is when I know it's immediately being rolled into a blunt or j: to be quickly combusted into smoky bliss :).

    I always talk calmly to officers and even ask them about their day, even when I know that 15 minutes later I'm going to be smoking up with a friend.

    The best thing in any situation like this is to maintain your composure, and don't act evasive. When I talk to cops I look them right in the eye.

    It seems to help...

    Good luck in the future, hope nothing like this happens to ya again. Being pulled over for anything is a nightmare.
  5. Man, that sucks dude, sorry to hear it. I got busted yesterday (April 7) for possesion too. And another VW driver, damn shame.
  6. damn! that sux, what was yesterday a bad luck day for vw drivers? lol...yeah the cop was cool, in fact the coolest i ever dealt with, havent dealt with a bunch, but out of all the dicks i have met, he wasnt one. i normally dont travel with weed in my car. but now that its starting to warm up, daylights saving time and all that bullshit, i tend to get a bit more careless. i jus knew i was going to blaze on the way home yesterday. 71 degrees outside, there was no stopping me, besides the ride home is 45 min sometimes jus a lil buzz makes it more interesting.
  7. But what the f**k 85mph in a 55 mph area is just asking for trouble man.
  8. i swear to you, i didnt realize :D i knew i was speeding, but i was jus kinda moving a slight bit ahead of traffic. the civic was pacing me, he got pulled also. 85 jus doesnt seem like 85 in my car :D

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